Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Garage Sale 2012

Today is the first day of my office's Garage Sale. It will end on Friday. 
I was so excited when I got the invitation email. I registered on the spot but when I went home, I found NOTHING in the house that could be sell in the Garage Sale. BUT SOMEHOW, last night, me and my husband managed to pick up many things that has been lying around in our house for ages and some of them we havent use for 8 years (since we got married).
And guess what? We manage to gather three bags full of new and used items worth RM700!!!! I hope I can sell everything. This Garage Sale is meant for charity. 40% of our profit will go to the charity fund and we can keep the 60%. Or we can donate 100% to the fund.
This morning, my husband and Nazran helped me to set up the booth. My division rented 3 tables and I got one. It is soooo exciting because this is my first time joining Garage Sale.

The setting up process.
I made this for my division's booth. A few people stopped by and wanted to buy the frame. No guys, it is not for sale.
I sell new jug sets, dining wares and some frames. From RM10 - RM25. Cheap.
And of course, baby stuff. Never being used. Starting from RM5.
I also sell winter jacket and some niceeeeee dresses. It is a brand new dress. I sell it at RM50. The used jacket, RM30.
I have a tiny helper who is more interested with the yellow stool from the opposite booth.
For those of you who loves unique items, DO COME HERE! We are open everyday (18 - 21 December 2012), 12.01pm - 2.30pm. Drop by at our booth. Look for BDSHEP charity sale booth. The biggest booth in the hall :)


nihadriz said...

argh! the dresssss~!!

*i wish i was slimmer T__T*

Nurul said...

The dress is still available :) and YOU ARE SLIM ENOUGH, Niha.