Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


2nd December 2008

1.00 am – Contraction getting intense. Gather bags and kids. Made phone calls to relatives and text my mom at Mecca. Leave kids at granny’s house.

2.15 am - Arrive at labour ward. Bla bla bla. Fetal distress. Emergency c-sect….

4.15 am – My baby was born.

6.30 am – I can move my hand. Text the good news to the world.

Still in pain after 9 days. No more c-sect pls.

What I did few days before the BIG DAY.

|| Open a Go Green stall. More of clearance sale for Envirosax because they’d revised the price and I will (actually HAVE TO) start selling it at the new price NEXT WEEK.

RM26 > RM30 (mikado, monochrome and flora single)

RM28 > RM32.50 (kids’ single)

RM110 > RM120 (set)

|| Took 3 days leave to spend time with my mom + dad + brother + nephew who are going to perform their Hajj.

|| Went for my therapy @ Sox World. Bought
(LOTSA) socks for my confinement period and for those who are going on Hajj. It is cold there. Also bought Sox for my in-laws last time. They also are going to Mecca.

|| Help my brother to resolve the tricky “baby-wearing” method to use in Mecca. It is hard tho because the big baby is wearing ihram and couldnt spread his legs... *but... the bright side is.. my nephew is skinny*

|| At the same time….well, someone interested to tryout my baby sling
, just to get the “baby wearing” feeling (my cousin NA carrying her sister JAJA).

|| Send my family member to Kelana Jaya at 4am. *Sleepy Nazreen* haha