Wednesday, May 27, 2009

BAAZAR update

Just as I expected. The first batch is run out of stock in less than two hours. Made an SOS call and the second batch arrive ON TIME from Gombak. 1.00pm. I dont know the current flow of the 2nd batch, but I know I am proud because..... isk isk... [ below ].


I received a HUGE package today. It is full with Old Navy Sleep Set for 3 months up to 5 years old. VERY CUTE. I dont plan to post it in Nabell because I am sure it will be out of stock in NO TIME at our baazar. Have a look :o)


I joined PAC M48 2009 from 22-24 May 2009. It was a BLAST! I will update this post in stages because I have to edit a lot of photos.

For a start, PAC M48 was held at INTENGAH, Jalan Emu. (Yes, it is Jalan EMU). *lol*

This is an Emu. (Alright.. I will delete this when I found it not funny anymore)

Once arrived in INTENGAH, I searched for registration counter and received my MAGIC NUMBER.

When you are a PTD Officer, you have to expect to wear this Magical Neckgear, around your neck *duh*, at least ONCE
In this case, it was my second time.

*to be continued after Malaysia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement negotiation ends*

Monday, May 18, 2009

Lazy Sunday 02

Experimenting with t-shirt crochet since I received a bag full of old t-shirt from cousin Niza and her family. [thank you].This time I go for a bowl. I found out that thicker t-shirt is the best for crochet bowl since it will stay in shape better.

Also made a CHICKEN FINGER PUPPET for my husband, for no reason.
He likes it a lot. Then, comes lion finger puppet, elephant and mickey mouse for the kids.

Monday, May 11, 2009

korek hidung

*catchy title - on purpose* it supposed to read holiday maker.

I told several friends that we plan to go to Perth to celebrate my sons' birthday. It was just a PLAN. [It could be Singapore or Miri or just Langkawi]. I got several remarks which owe my explanation.

NO, i dont make A LOT OF money monthly. [frequent *nightmare* oversea travels with VVIPs actually makes me poorer. No, it doesnt increase my payroll :p]

NO, i am not that RICH although I have an online business.

My emolument meant to cater my commitments - PTPTN, savings, mom, dad, bills, childs' saving, childs' education plan, car + motorcycle installments, buying nappies [no I dont plan to use cloth diaper for the moment] and other neccessities.

My income for Nabell meant to buy new products and topping up current stock. Plus our staffs' salary.

And we dont have EXTRA money to spend for Perth. [or Singapore, or Miri, or Langkawi]. We dont plan to mess with our savings, either.

The interesting part is, we are going TO CREATE THE MONEY. And I'll be updating you on our effort. I will introduce you to Shortfingers. Short, what?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009



Saya memerlukan t-shirt terpakai (yang masih elok condition-nya, wangi, tiada koyak atau kotoran, yang tidak lagi dipakai kerana fashion-nya sudah tidak in atau badan sudah jauh bezanya dengan saiz t-shirt tersebut atau t-shirt tersebut dihadiahkan oleh pakwe/makwe yang sudah clash tidak lama dahulu). Warna-warna vibrant amat dialu-alukan. Namun warna gelap tetap disukai.

T-shirt tersebut boleh diserah tangan bila jumpa di mana-mana gathering nanti. Atau kita reka2 saja gathering semata-mata nak serahkan t-shirt. Tangan saya gatal untuk buat beg crochet. Malangnya, sudah habis t-shirt terpakai di rumah saya, saya kerjakan.

[wah... i found it really hard to type a post in Malay].
searching for a proper word is hard.
Anyway, I realllllly like my fren's blog. She have "that" sense where most people doesn't.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New "thing" for our playground! Yay!

Thank you DBKL (yes, thanks to you Y. Bhg. Dato' Ahmad Fuad Ismail, my former boss who now is the Mayor of KL).

Although the thing (still, I dont know what people call it) has not completely being installed, but we decided to give it a try. Everyday. Their favourite spot is the CHICKEN POX area.

Go Green Júlíusson way

Since many of my friends is going green nowadays (cloth diapers, reusable bag, composting, recycling, bla bla bla), so, here it goes. Another area to venture.

Check out that ring on her finger. It’s a combination of jewelry and gardening. Iceland designer Hafsteinn Júlíusson wants to bring nature into everyday couture. This form of jewelry is not for everyone, however. One must take good care of their Growing Jewelry or else it’ll fade like any other plant uncared for.

Hafsteinn states: “It is important to take good care of Growing Jewelry. The owner must water it regularly and nurture it like any other plant. So it’s up to the owner to make sure that the jewelry is at its best.”