Thursday, October 22, 2009

of RAYA Prep 2009

I am blessed with a wonderful and hardworking husband. A very good cook. Our food preparation for Raya was smooth. I made 3 cookies, but ONE couldnt make it to Raya. It TOTALLY finished within 24 hours. Kids...
Nabil (and his cousin Haziq) helped  decorating the house, change the curtain/sofa covers and vacuuming the house. 
Nazreen helped with the ketupat. 
My personal chef was working hard in the kitchen until midnight. The food are TASTY!

Friday, October 16, 2009


The Corporate Club is holding their annual dinner on 30th October 2009 @ Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam. The theme chosen is RETRO.

Retro is a term used to describe, denote or classify culturally outdated or aged trends, modes, or fashions, from the overall postmodern past.

Last year, I won the Best Dress (Female). This year, well.... let others to have it. I really into fashion and this is the least I can do to help. NOW, for those out there who will be attending the dinner, here are some pointers that I wanted to share. ELEMENTS of RETRO.

Bold patterns

Bright un-coordinated colours


Bell-bottom jeans

Big sunglasses

Funky jacket (Commonly Adidas Classic)

Bright red lipstick

Pampadour hairstyle


Heavily-lined eyes

Platform shoes

Mini dress


Flared trousers



HUGE shoulder pad (Think of Dallas / Dynasty)

Peep-toe pump

etc...etc...[ endless ]

I received some questions regarding the theme :

Dear Garlic, I am more interested in Hippie style. Can I be a hippie that night?

Well, retro can be anything before the 90s. Hippie is specifically in the 70s. Yes, you can.

(Info : Hippie style – head band, tie-and-dye shirt, bell-bottom, long hair, tight shirt for men, gypsy-style skirt)

Dear Mrs Butter, I am a cute girl but I have a wide waistline and huge bottom. What do you suggest?

I would suggest an empire-cut maxi dress.

Garlic Ma’am, I love vintage clothing.

Sir, that is a statement. Not a question.

Garlic Ma’am, I love vintage clothing. Is it okay if I wear one of those for the dinner? Sorry, I accidentally click on the “SEND” button before I finished typing earlier.

Oh, alright. Vintage is term used to attribute something as old or antique. Retro is vintage. You can wear them. You can also go for Victorian or Edwardian. They are vintages as well.

Where can I find something RETRO?

There are many online stores and blogs that sell used retro clothing. Due to the strict garlicandbutter blog policy, I could not publish them.

Off the record ;

[ or you could just RENT them ]

But, I have a dear cousin who collect and sell retro clothing [only] to her close friends. I borrowed a few for Retro 101 education purposes, snap some photos and I mix-n-match them with retro accessories. In case anyone interested, she is selling them at RM10 – RM15 per piece. Stay tune (still updating).

Dear Mdm.. u mentioned kaftan... is it the one we usually wear to bed?
That is the basic kaftan.
The Hippies of the 60s had brought with them clothes from other ethnic groupings which had often never even been seen before in the west. They were suited as glamour dressing when sewn in exotic fabrics and edged in silver, gold or other metallic embroidered trims. I've attached relevant photos for you, Puan Zoora.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

siapa nak tengok orang bogel

Reading Sofa

During Raya break, we scout around for WHITE furnitures. Now I know I am very particular when it comes to furniture selection. After visiting 10 (or was it 13?) furniture centres, I did not find anything that suit me and out of pity [ to our tired kids after running around in 13 furniture centres ], I bought these.

We call these "Reading Sofa"s. They HAVE TO read a book if they want to sit on it. Am trying to create a reading habit in the family. Suprisingly, they are getting attached to books (walaupun tengok gambar saja) - since the sofas are soft and irresistable :o)