Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I am using Windows 7 and it is TOTALLY COOL!! I love the sticky notes... the snipping tool... just to name a few (too few, eh?). Still exploring. Very blogging-friendly.


Last year I entered online contest by Emmagem.com + OSIM and Clarins. One on beauty-related stuff and another on green living. Both are my fortes. I don't think I stand a chance (OK, a very slim chance) because there are thousands (if not millions) people online every second and they will at least came across one of the contests by chance.

After two internetless weeks @ Borneo, I have the reason to be happy checking my emails. I won both contests. I will collect Clarins hamper after publishing this post (Yippie!) and will attend the Emmagem.com + OSIM prize giving ceremony on Friday. Alhamdulillah...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

To sustain or not to sustain?

I am a member of The Designers Accord. An good organisation that gathers do gooders / good doers from all over the world :o)
I want to share some simple and witty (yet very TRUE) responses from TDA's online survey. Of course there are other great [and technical] ideas but these are the one that grabbed my attention
- Removing plastic from my life.
- Cost.
- Food packaging. In the supermarket, everything I eat is packed at least twice.
- Not using the latest material just because it is sustainable. Just use less.
- Getting middle America to actually get it!
- Depression over how much there is to do — I’m tired!
- Quoting Daniel Hebert-Moto: “it’s complicated stuff”
- Eco-friendly materials are too expensive!

- Affording it. Sustainable solutions needs to be the most economical in order to be adopted (and should be eventually).
- Training people to design and make furniture while questioning whether the world really needs any more furniture.
- Convincing people that we have spent the past 50 years making a mess, and should now spend 50 years cleaning it up.

Speaking of which, I would like to present the latest addition to toil's family - GO GWEEN!!

I am currently on these ..