Sunday, April 9, 2017

Winter 2016 : Nazmi at abangs' school

Lost and found boxes at the school hall.

Winter 2016 : Meet large popo from Brazil

at Worldwide Cheetham Hill

Winter 2016 : iSnaps

Print the photos yourself from the smartphone or thumbdrive.

Winter 2016 : New Smithfield Market, our playground on Sundays

One of the huge car boot sale areas near Manchester.

We came here almost every weekend to look for unique/cheap/free furniture/toys/anything. I look for books sold for 50p each :)
Gloomy winter.

Winter 2016 : Crazy schedule

Whenever I feel like missing my student life because I have so much to do at the office, I look back at my 2016 planner to remind me that I should be grateful instead that I am back to work.

Nowadays, when I go home, I dont have to stay awake to read academic journals and write critical essays after cleaning my kitchen :)