Monday, September 20, 2010

World Habitat Day 2010 fever

As usual, International Unit will be pretty occupied for the World Habitat Day celebration in October. I have not sleep for 3 days and for the past four weeks, I came back from my office after midnight. (lucky I've spent 6 years in architecture school where they trained us to be fully awake 24/7). Thanks to my lovely husband who brings the kids to the office to keep me company every night (I have my own room now, y'all!!). It will be our routine until 6th October 2010. Right now, I am struggling with work and non-stop makan-makan Raya invitation.

This is what I did for the past 3 hours. I called it MyHabitat. but I dont think I am going to use it for any booklet / backdrop / tag design. So, I just post it here hoping it could inspire anyone out there. Now, I need to put my thinking hat (again) and hopefully I could produce 3 or 4 backdrop & booklet designs by 6am. 3 more hours to go. Good luck to me.

(All silhouettes were Googled. Credit to the owner)

Update :

4.35am - I have completed 3 backdrop designs in less than 2 hours (well, the design of the booklet will depend on the final backdrop, so let's not wasting time designing 3 booklet options). And I later found out my MyHabitat is suitable for name tag design due to its simplicity and dynamic shape, but I am still contemplating on the colour.

OK. Good night for me. Need to wake up in 1+ hour. Zzzzz...

Update :NO. We are not going to use any of these at all. I will post the final design later. Thanks to Mala for helping me with the backdrop.

This is the actual design used for the celebration - for booklet, backdrop and newspaper article (here).

AND THIS IS THE BEST PART - UNHABITAT use my design for their promotional brochure (this entry).