Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I am dilating.
Pray the best for me and the baby.

It could be tonight. Or it could be another 1-2 weeks. 
Anyway, Maaf Zahir Batin, all.

Thank you.

Food to go

These are what my kids bring to the school today. They wanted to bring a bento box but I didnt plan to cook anything 'bento' although I have a few gadgets for bento preparation, so I just  grilled some chicken sausages and arrange it neatly inside these cool G&B boxes. 
(I bought these Glit & Brillia boxes because they have the similar initial with Garlic & Butter = G&B).

Mix fruit in mango jelly

Nazreen was drolling over a fruit jelly when he watched a documentary on Astro's TVIQ. Being a mom, it was hard to just let it go. When my son wants a fruit jelly, he will get a fruit jelly. So I made these. Mix fruits in mango jelly. He also wanted to bring it to his school the next day.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Collapsible baby bath

Thank you to my mom who really insisted to go shopping with me yesterday JUST FOR THIS extremely practical baby bath. See how cool is that? We could also make it incline so the baby's head is higher than his feet - it is safer for the baby during bath time. Just press down one side and keep the other side folded. It also has an indicator if the water is too hot for the baby, the blue plug at the bottom will turn to white.
We went there against all odds since my husband was away, working and my dad was worried sick of the idea of a 9-months pregnant me, going shopping with my mom and Nazreen at a very crowded place, and who know how the traffic would be since it was a public holiday. Dads are all like that, kan? What if the baby decided to come out today? In the middle of the road? Or at the mall? Do you actually know the direction to the city? You are so stubborn, you know? And lots more. It was actually fun to hear that. I didnt get that a lot since I got married.

OK, back to the baby bath. Before, I used a hand-me-down bulky baby bath from my sister (and my dad had threw it away last year without knowing that I am expecting another baby :p). The bulky baby bath took a lot of space in the bathroom, but with this new one, we could just hang it onto the wall / at the shower head after use :) 
 I love cool baby accessories very much! 

Cleaning baby stuff

I have washed some old baby stuff (onesies, blanket, muslin squares) in the last two weeks and today, I washed the new ones - cotton fleece blankets, baby binders, mitten & booties, more onesies, towels, burping clothes and socks.
As I will be in my 37th week next week, I really hope I can have the complete baby bag by tomorrow. (and also mummy bag with a lot of books and snacks ;p)

For new moms out there, it is a MUST to pre-wash everything because the newborn's skin could be super-sensitive.

Moving In : Part 16 - Hobby area

This newly-arranged space has totally took over our dining area. We just finished putting it together this afternoon. 
While Nazreen vacuumed the whole dining hall, Nabil and Nazran were busy unwrapped the new carpet. Papa installed trolley wheels to the recycled wooden pallet, to place our bulky TV so it is easier for me to move it around while cleaning the house.
This is their new favourite bonding spot where they play Playstation together, repair their remote control cars / tanks and do other guy stuff. They also could watch DVD on Solat, Iqra' and anything educational while waiting for dinner to be served.
I am glad to have this area IN our dining hall because they keep me entertain while I am preparing the meal or while I am doing the dishes. Although there are a lot of CARS, TOOLS, SMALL PARTS and WIRES, I dont mind. I am the only lady in the house, remember? I have to follow the majority ;p

Gooey marshmallow brownies

Nabil requested for a marshmallow brownies. I made one while everybody went to Titiwangsa to watch a remote control car tournament. Once they came back, they didnt waste any time, they just took a fork each and start dig in the brownies. I havent had a chance to slice it properly.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cooking Oil Recycling Programme

This event happened long time ago. I just found the photos today.

My excolleague, Zumaira, has organised a CSR programme at Pertubuhan Rumah Amal Cahaya Tengku Ampuan Rahimah (RACTAR), Subang Jaya in collaboration with Persatuan Helwani Ampang. It is a programme to promote used cooking oil recycling and RACTAR was chosen to be the collection centre for used cooking oil in Subang Jaya.

I was trusted by Zumaira to officiate the event :)
...because I am a huge fan of GOING GREEN.

Two experience speakers were invited to share their views with the audience. It was a very successful event and I am glad to be part of it. I went there with my whole family. I love to expose my kids with anything good related to the environment.

Me. I should've wear something green.
The launching gimmick. Zumaira in green hijab.
Kudos to Zumaira and her family for their effort to make this event a success. Anyone who has A LOT OF used cooking oil and didnt know what to do with it, google RACTAR and you can send your used oil there. Save the environment!!!

Big Bad Wolf Aftermath Sale!!!

It will be held during my confinement period :( Hopefully SOMEBODY is kind enough to bring me there for a few minutes to shop for a few books *hint*  *hint* #papa

Monday, January 21, 2013

Baked Macaroni & Cheese

I baked this on Saturday evening for my husband who just came back from a wedding photoshoot. He was away shooting with his team since Friday. I sprinkle a generous layer of cheese between layers of pasta to give it more flavour and to keep it moist.
On Sunday, Nazreen requested for the same menu. I told him it might take a while but he didnt mind. He waited patiently for me to boil the pasta, cut the onion and while I was away praying, he pulled a chair and sat beside the oven, eagerly waiting for his favourite food to cook. 
I made extra because I know he will ask for the same food during breakfast this morning. AND HE DID

Thursday, January 17, 2013

OF COURSE you can dressed up while pregnant!

When I posted my photos on baby bumps (here), (here), (here), (here) and (here), and in my fb, my pregnant friends said they never thought maternity wear could be that 'normal' and cute (important to note that the attire is cute, not me). They, in other hand, refused to wear maternity wear because what they have in mind is only the old-fashioned unattractive maternity maxi dress with 3/4 sleeves. That's why they tried their best to squeeze in their baju kurung although their bumps are HUGE.

Now I understand. I am glad my blog posts are able to make you guys realise that you can be comfortable, stylish and look cute while pregnant. Put aside your tight baju kurung for a while and go shopping for cool maternity wear this weekend! 

BUT, you dont have to shop at maternity boutique saja - it is costly, I know - you can buy anything stretchable - palazzo, skirt, dress and tops - as long as it is comfortable. You can wear it after you safely delivered your baby later.

More baby bump photos:

Serious entry on Maid

In two days, I have received at least six questions from six different people about my "maid". My what? 

It is quite amusing when people could simply assume that everybody else has a maid, just because they have one (pls ask first). It is even more amusing to listen to their complaints on who will do all the chores and who will manage the kids because their maid ran away recently. Trust me, you can do it! Try to do it slowly for a start. It is fun.
When I said I didnt have a maid and didnt plan to have one, one of them was surprised and asked, "Oh, you cooked for your family? You do the dishes? You actually do your laundry? You hang and fold the clothes? You ironed you kids' uniforms? Seriously?". haha. I am sure she is not serious.

Doesnt all of us have to at least try to do some chores, if not all? I hope my readers out there are more domestic and can provide more for your family. When you choose to be a wife and a mom, it comes with a package. And NO, MAID is not included - but if you want to use their services, why not? There's nothing wrong about that actually. I truly understand the constraints that others have because I have a lot of friends who hire a maid because of their crazy schedule and their nature of work demands them to travel a lot.

I am a bit serious on this entry. I have to make a point that if there is a will, there is a way. I am sure everybody is great in managing their family and house, but to make it as a routine (esp laundry every night, mop the floor everyday), is quite challenging for working individual. But we can try. Do it once a week.

For my readers who are still single and still living with your parent, please help them with the chores everyday, they are not your maid.

Our breakfast today

Starting this year, I cook or bake breakfast for my family everyday starting from 6 o'clock. Sometimes I made prawn fried rice, egg sandwich, mashed potato, scrambled eggs or even simpler, mushroom soup. Usually it was quite hectic to manage all of them while preparing the meal (and send them to 3 different schools on time!) so I didnt bother to take any photo. But I manage to capture this today while waiting for my turn to take a shower.
I didnt now what to call this. It is a wholemeal bread with sandwich spread, topped with grilled chicken bits and cheddar cheese slice. Put it in the oven for 10 minutes until the bread become crispy. I cut it into two parts because one whole portion is too much for them.

But, surprisingly, Nazreen ate four.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I am 35! yay!

I am not 35 years old yet. I am still young. 
I am in my 35th week of pregnancy.
Baby stuff are lying around the house, everywhere. I need to take a break from work and start preparing a space for the baby. My nesting instinct started way back since 2nd trimester but I still have a lot to do. I need to paint some walls.

My favourite preggy blouses.

Nabil was sick

Last time, Nazreen was sick (here).

Since last week, Nabil developed similar symptoms as Nazreen. His temperature reached 40.1 degree Celsius. Luckily my sister is a doctor. I SMS-ed her at 2 in the morning and asked what else should I do because I did everything and his temperature maintained at 40. He was trembling and we were worried sick. She asked me to increase his med dosage and perform tepid sponging with tap water. It worked. 

(Actually I knew what I SHOULD do considering I have faced this situation many times with all three of them but I cant think properly when I am panic - and my sister didnt mind repeating the same thing over and over again. LOL. tepid sponging. calculate the dosage correctly. tepid sponging. dosage.)

Last time Nabil catched a fever was in 2011 (here).

I baked this for Nabil over the weekend since he cant stomach anything for two days. Baked french fries with mushroom & tomato sauce with generous amount of cheese. I sprinkled some black pepper and paprika on top. He requested for ice-blended chocolate drink.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Best friend

They are together 24/7. Very close. And they started to colour coordinate nowadays. So cute.

Huge Remote Control Racing Car, anyone?

My husband has ventured into remote control cars business, as a hobby. If you are interested, it is RM130 per car. 
These are the specs and components.
 More photos on kids playing with their cars (here). 

Red & blue day

I purposely put different title so I will not bore you with another entry purely on baby bump. I love colour blocking so I decided to wear red-blue attire to work.
I was smiling the whole day because as I walked around the office, I found A LOT OF things that have red-blue combination, in which I didnt realised before.
When my husband picked me up in the evening, I told him about the table cloth & banquet chair, the carpet & dustbin, the fire extinguisher and everything red & blue around the office. And before we went home, I snapped our photo at the lobby.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

34 weeks *lagi*

Sorry guys, I found it to be FUN nowadays. What started as a respond to my friend's request has been my routine since. I snapped my own photo at the lift lobby before I went home everyday (provided that no one else is around).

Their latest obsession - Huge remote control car

Boys and remote control cars are best friends. I have to bear with this after their reading class every Tuesday and Thursday night.
It is good tho because they will go straight to the bed when we go home (of course after washing up a bit and brushed their teeth). 

My husband has ventured into remote control cars business, as a hobby. If you are interested, it is RM130 per car. Click here for the advertisement.

Reality check

My friend asked me how did I keep my house clean and tidy the whole time although I have 3 active sons and I am SO pregnant?

My first question would be : Who told you that?
It is normal for the kids to create a mess in the house. That is the beauty of being a kid. They need to play, explore and learn new things. Let them imagine. Let them learn. Let them create the mess. 

And get them to clean up afterwards

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nazreen was sick

Nazreen was very sick two weeks before the school starts. He was down with a fever for a week and suddenly rashes developed all over his body. I asked him to sleep with us so I could monitor his temperature all night. He is prone to seizure if he has a very high fever. I cant sleep at night because I was so worried. I ended up being a walking zombie for a week plus in the office. That's the best part of being a mother. You will do anything for your kids :)

We took him to a clinic for a blood test, to rule out dengue. His blood refuse to came out. LOL. The doctor have to stick the needle at four (or five) different spots. Pity Nazreen, but he is one brave boy. After a while, the doctor asked us to bring him to the hospital (the next day) because she cant conduct the blood test due to insufficient blood sample. She tried, but to no avail.
The next day. 
After a few blood tests, the doctor confirmed he only has viral infection. Alhamdulillah. After four bottles of antibiotics, he is OK :)

34 weeks and counting

My bump at 33 and 34 weeks.
Yes RS, my baby has turned :)
I am looking forward for normal delivery. Good boy!