Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Family Trip

We went for this amazing family trip long time ago. Five of us. October 2009. My mum sponsored the air ticket for the kids (Thank you!). I really want to blog about this but (ok ok same old lame reason)... I am pretty occupied with work. Anyway, here are some photos of our last day in KK.

We stayed @ Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu for 5 days 4 nights. Nice hotel with excellent service. HUGE ROOM with a DVD player, only 2-3 minutes walking distance to the famous KK seafood stalls by the sea (oh, dont get me started with the hotel review).
Nazreen has a strange chemistry with food / restaurant. He can sleep practically anywhere during a meal.


This was when the camera went crazy. Luckily it was on our way back to KL.. (cap : Nabil was enjoying his chocolate muffin – note to MAS caterer : muffin anda sangat hancur dan berterabur. Tetapi ia sangat sedap)

We have DSLR y'all!!

At last.
After two years of contemplation and after two broken compact digital cameras - one AT KLIA and another one in the flight TO KLIA - we bought a DSLR.
(there must be something very wrong with the chemistry between digital camera and KLIA....) (...and me).

Now I can take fine photos. I have more reason to blog.

Lazy Sunday : Lazy pants

Remember that evergreen musical film about this pretty postulant - the governess of the good-looking Captain's children – who dressed all seven of them in beautifully-sewn play-clothes made of old drapes? They sang and run happily on the mountainside, climbed trees along the roadside (still singing) and got kantoi by their dad afterwards? Ok ok... here is the clue :

I came across a stack of old cushion covers in the cabinet last weekend. They are so adorable and I couldnt stop myself to make these for my child :o)

Skill : Basic. Duration : 10 minutes/pair (I skip the edging part). Edging would took less than 5 minutes per pair, but to take it out from the cabinet... clear the table...look for extension wire... adjust the threads while holding Nazran - who will be jumping in joy and try to climb up the table when he see new things....that would take some times.

I believe there is nothing wrong with turning old stuff into something wearables.