Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I was on my way to the bathroom when I felt something flying on my head. It was so creepy to see my son's Ben 10 floating in the living room at 1.12 am.
I grabbed my camera, snapped the floating Ben 10, went to the bathroom, back to my bedroom and sleep.

White dresser for me

I really wanted to buy Aneboda dresser since last year because I love white furniture and I love the fact that the drawers are semi-transparent. I love everything about it, the height, the drawers, etc. We have bought one unit for my husband but it ends up with my things inside. So, last month, we bought another one - FOR ME. yaay!

The best part is the assembly work. I REALLLLLLLY LOVVVEEEEE to put things together from scratch. First thing first. Make sure the components are neatly arranged. From this :
To this :
You dont want to look for THE RIGHT tiny screw with one hand while holding a heavy drill with the other, every time. You need to study the diagram and identify which component belongs to which part.

Drilling process :

I love the fact that it has a thoughtful details. Just like this one. At the bottom of each drawer.

Almost finish.

Tada!!! Thank you for my husband for his help. Assembly work like this, of course, requires more than one person. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Japan-HK trip : Halal Wagyu beef

This is the BEST restaurant in Japan for this trip! I felt something special was about to be served once we walked into the restaurant. The place is so cute, so small that we kinda took turn to hit our head onto the smoke extractor hanging on top of the wooden table, when we were sitting down.
The owner of this restaurant is Mr Akmal, the MD of Malaysia Halal Corporation Japan. I have the privilege to listen about the beef origin, the correct way to breed a cow, his effort to promote halal industry in Japan, (his Japanese wife) and other interesting experiences since we sat at the same table.
These are what we had, fusion of Japanese and Korean food : 
Appetizer : Bean sprouts :
Then, kimchi. Korean fermented cabbage :
Pajeon. Korean-style pancake :
Fresh vegetable salad :
Then....... YES, HALAL WAGYU BEEF!!!! The authentic wagyu beef from Japan. OMG, we got four plates for each table. IT DOES TASTE YUMMY and JUICY and SO TENDER you dont have to chew.... :
Then, in between, we have beriani rice. So good :
After that, bibimbop. Koreab beef & mixed vegetable rice. This is the before :
This is the after. They mixed it together, then it is good to eat :
Look! They gave us cute bib too!
This is the dessert. Simple ice cream. Not too overwhelming. Just nice.

Thank you to Mr Akmal for his endless efforts to promote HALAL INDUSTRY in Japan!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Automotive Exhibition

Since it was held during METALTECH 2012, I just dropped by to see what it is all about. I am not into cars but I just pretend to love it, like everybody else there. Enjoy the photos.


I have attended an International Machine Tools and Metalworking Technology Exhibition or METALTECH 2012 Opening Ceremony. I prepared The Hon Minister's opening speech for the event (of course with amendmentssss from the official speechwriter). It was a very successful exhibition with more than 1,500 companies participated from 35 countries. Kudos to Ms Vingie and her team!!! No camera is allowed inside, hence no photos of the exhibition.
After the opening ceremony, the Hon Minister asked me to arrange a networking session between Government agencies and foreign investors. It was my 6th week in this new office and I am glad the Hon Minister (and my director, of course) trusted me to arrange the session - in less than two days.

So, it was a one and a half day of endless phone calls, SMSes and emails. I got a lot of help from everybody. The session went smoothly.
 The hall before the networking session.
I have a habit of sitting at the first row in the class since kindergarten. until now.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Spring cleaning : Old memories

I did some spring cleaning last night and I found these :

Bee Dees Club Newsletter year 1995. OMG this club was hugeeee back then. I have kept it for 17 years now. I threw the rest long time ago but I keep one for sentimental reason. Last night, I decided to let it go.

First tutorial note from my best buddy from Guinea. For my French class. I will keep this.

NUYU FAN CLUB registration (I know, I know it is kinda stupid but it was a fun thing to do back then). I pasted it in our design studio last time and I didnt expect anyone to actually register, but I got 20 members joining the fan club. ROTFL. I am definitely going to frame this.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

To eat or not to eat?

I found Healthy Servings Guidelines by Health Ministry - for over 200 types of refreshment for meeting -   is really cool.

This was my first encounter with the actual implementation of the guidelines. This morning, during a meeting with Koreans.

Talam Seri Muka (40 gram) - 80 cal
Popia basah (40 gram) - 70 cal
Nescafe / Tea (1 cup + 5g sugar) - 20 cal

Daily calorie required for women is 1500 and for men is 2000.

This is how you count calories in food :

1 g carbohydrate = 4 cal
1 g protein = 4 cal
1 g fat = 9 cal
i.e. 1 teaspoon cooking oil (5 g) = 45 cal

(a) 1 cup of plain tea (200 ml) = 0 cal
(b) 1 cup of plain tea (200 ml) + 1 teaspoon of sugar (5 g) = 20 cal
(c) 1 cup of plain tea (200 ml) + 1 teaspoon of sugar (5 g)  + 1 teaspoon sweetened creamer(10 g) = 110 cal

Lucky I usually stop at (b). I didnt like creamer.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Titiwangsa at night - with 5 kids

On one fine Saturday night, me and my husband were bored so we decided to bring our kids, my nephew and niece, all five of them, to Titiwangsa. They were having fun, giggling, running here and there, and took a break once in a while to drink some water.
This was what happened after one hour.

Logo for Sham Sawal Photography

Friday, May 18, 2012

On the way to my office..

Nowadays, I only drive to work on the day that I have to attend meetings outside. Other than that, my husband will send me to the office, after we sent Nabil to school.

These are normal views in our car at 7.30am.
Dont worry, the carpet is clean.

When Mama is not looking...

My sons. Muhammad Nazreen Syazwan & Muhammad Nazran Syazwan.

Happy Homes!

My brother bought five Golden Arches' Happy Meals for the kids and these are what they have done with the boxes. Happy Homes!
Nazran wanted an automatic garage door so I engineered it by using a leftover ribbon from Teacher's Day decoration. The garage door could be open by pulling the white ribbon from the back.
Nazran's house with automatic garage door
Nazreen's (left) and Nabil's (right)
Nabil took different approach in designing the roof. Good one. He always the one who chooses complicated solution over simple situation and it always turned out great.
Haziq's - my nephew (left) and Sarah's (my niece) (right)
Haziq also asked for an automatic garage door. I've made an automatic ramp for his car too. When he pulled the ribbon, the garage door will open slowly and the ramp will fall down.

I love looking at those houses. They are cute. And some have elaborate detailings. Kids are creative.