Monday, June 30, 2014

Salam Ramadhan


I have attended a meeting at PWTC and to my surprise, there was an expo on herbs and herb-related products at the ground floor. I guess this is what they called the Law of Attraction. I started to love gardening and herbs, and everywhere I go, there will be something related to gardening. 
I bought this precious book and two packets of lemongrass. Then, I received a free soil mix.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Post 1M4U : Herbs!

I dont know when does it started but right now I am crazy about edible garden. (No, I am not alone. My husband is as crazy as I am right now..syyy...)

I bought these precious herb plants at the 1M4U event.
I bought rosemary, basil, oregano, daun sup (what it is called in English? - pls leave a comment), turmeric plant and pandanus. I also got a few local herb plants for free from the committee - halia bara, tongkat ali and limau purut. The other one is called sabung nyawa, I think. I dont know what it is used for but the plant is beautiful so I took it home.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Post 1M4U : Green Ambassadors

After coming home from the 1M4U event, the kids (Nabil, Nazreen, Nazran, Haziq, Sarah and Jaja) were still pretty excited with their gardening sets. Who wouldnt? It is extremely cute!

My husband helped my mom to plant Pandanus amaryllifolius which I bought at the 1M4U event. Following that, the kids started to work on my mom's herb garden. Then they became a bit territorial over the small strip of land at the back of my parent's house.
Before they started to argue with each other, my husband prepared some plant pots and soil mix so they could do their own stuff in their own pots. We gave two each.

We dont have to teach them how to do it. They still remember clearly what they supposed to do. It is quite impressive to see them handled the soil and vulnerable plants with care.
Baby Nazmi loves gardening. I can tell.
We prepared plant tag for everyone using corrugated plastic board for it could withstand water/moisture. They write their names and shove the tags into the soil, halfway. They were tasked to water the plants everyday.
Green Ambassadors in the making. I am proud.

Blood Drive

Today is my 6th or 7th time donating blood.
I am an AB+. It feels so good to be able to help people in need.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

1M4U : Greening Urbanscape @ Jejambat Jalan Duta

Again, I am the Project Leader for 1M4U project. This time, it is truly a crazy coordination work but I enjoyed it. I have the best team.
I have to coordinate tasks between 5 different clubs and 2 agencies and coordinate participation from another 8 agencies. I hope I can get 200 people to join. Wanna join?

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Two dead fish

My sister and her family went to Terengganu for nearly a week. She sent SOS WA in our family group, asking anyone to buy fish food for two tiger fish in her room. We have no idea she keep fish in her bedroom +__+

We went to buy fish pallet and after feeding the starving fish, we decided to pull prank on her (We = me, my mom and my kids). We started to draw.

I announced in the group that we found two dead fish in their room.
After a few seconds, I felt bad for my nephew and my niece. So I uploaded the photos of the dead fish.
LOL. My mom was very serious about the whole set up. I placed the dead fish on the bed, but she said....NO, the background have to be BLUE. The fish died in the water. She took a blue pillow and started to arrange the dead fish on it. "Make sure they look dead", she said while I adjusting the camera.