Saturday, June 7, 2014

Two dead fish

My sister and her family went to Terengganu for nearly a week. She sent SOS WA in our family group, asking anyone to buy fish food for two tiger fish in her room. We have no idea she keep fish in her bedroom +__+

We went to buy fish pallet and after feeding the starving fish, we decided to pull prank on her (We = me, my mom and my kids). We started to draw.

I announced in the group that we found two dead fish in their room.
After a few seconds, I felt bad for my nephew and my niece. So I uploaded the photos of the dead fish.
LOL. My mom was very serious about the whole set up. I placed the dead fish on the bed, but she said....NO, the background have to be BLUE. The fish died in the water. She took a blue pillow and started to arrange the dead fish on it. "Make sure they look dead", she said while I adjusting the camera.


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