Monday, October 31, 2011


I didnt attend last Saturday's volleyball tournament althought my husband really wants to play volleyball (on my behalf because I usually will be busy chasing my kids around). My uncle passed away on Friday (AL-FATIHAH).

I was told that my team is the winner. *again*

Sunday, October 30, 2011

World Habitat Day 2011 - All women team

Do not underestimate women.
The event was a success but we refuse to let others know the hard-working people behind it. (We actually smile behind those boards when the photographer counts...1...2...3!)

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Corporate Club Sports Carnival 2011 has just started. Last Saturday we had a futsal tournament. I am on the Red Team. In order to be the overall champion, the whole team practices balance lifestyle started last week. We pledge to exercise a lot and eat well.

You can see our determination last week. First, we play futsal like crazy. Then, we eat like we haven't eat for a week. lol.
In the end, we are the futsal champion!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Let's negotiate the terms...

I was introduced to the art of negotiation while I was representing my office to the Malaysia-United States Free Trade Agreement Negotiation Round in KL back in 2005. Then followed by series of Malaysia-New Zealand, Malaysia-Australia, etc negotiation rounds from 2005 until 2010. It felt so good to be able to be a part of such important process and read about its success in the newspaper afterwards.

Since I was curious to know how the lead negotiator made it (negotiate) looks so easy, I bought some books on negotiation - particularly on international trade, strategies and tactics. I also attended a few courses on negotiation in Institute of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations (IDFR) and INTAN Kiara to learn more on cultural influence and cross-cultural negotiation. I got this during my recent Effective Negotiation Course.

Well, I am not that resourceful yet. I still didnt have guts to negotiate at Pasar Malam. International trade, fine with me. Local night market? erk....

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

[simple] makeover : TV area

Last week of Syawal, we did a simple makan-makan for family and neighbours. You guys knew our house was never ready for any guests back then (it never did until now! ;p), but we determine to do simple makeover - overnight - to sprinkle some Raya mood in the TV area.

Buffet was served in the living room so our living room was left empty without furniture (until today) since we moved all the sofas to the TV area. We kinda like the whole look so it might take a bit of time for us to return it back to the living room.

Scroll down and tell me what do you think of our simple last minute makeover.

It was quite messy near the TV after the kids finished playing their PS2

I am sending this entry for an online contest at susunatursioca, for fun. The gift sponsor is Rehana.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Karnival Raya - Nazreen the 10kth

Yeah, late entry.
One fine day in last Ramadhan, we broke fast at Mangiamo Cafe @ Equestrian Club, Putrajaya. After Isyak and a quick tarawih, we went to Karnival Jom Beli Barang Raya or something like that, at Precint 2.Nazreen was the 10,000th person to walk-in!! They were a bunch of people interviewed us and took photos. Nazreen received a bag full of cookies from one of the sponsors. OMG, he was so happy. He was dancing and smiling all night.


They have these in their room for about 2 months now. They refuses to sleep on their bed. They prefer to sleep like a sardine (in the can) in that small tent. I love camping very much (here).

Please study, kids!

The kids have special area for studying. There were cute moments worth watching whenever one of them start to teach the other.
But it usually lasted about 3-4 minutes.
It will then be followed by an argument.
And at least one will broke into tears.Kids are fun.

Kicking board

Kick board usually used by beginner to learn how to swim. I bought two for my kids (before Nazran was born). It lasted for a few years.
Until one night, Nazran decided to make me a birthday cake. He really insists me to BLOW THE CANDLE and ask Papa to take photos. Just like the real birthday.

Nabil got [kool] fever

Nabil got a fever. And Nenny (my mom, Nabil's grandma) give him a Kool Fever. You know, the gel-in-a-pack thing that you stick on the forehead of the sick person to lower down the temperature.

Of course Nazreen and Nazran want it too!
So I stick a bit of masking tape on their foreheads. They can't tell the difference. They seems happy.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy World Habitat Day 2011!

3 October 2011 @ Putrajaya International Convention Centre. Official launch of World Habitat Day 2011 by The Hon Minister of Housing and Local Government. 500 invitees including Ambassadors / High Commissioners from Kenya, Singapore, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Lesotho. Great food. Awesome choir. Beautiful tree for the launching gimmick (thanks to Mariam Zainal, Hafiz and their team!)

It was a successful event. Thanks to all involved!

Special thanks to members of International Unit - Rose, Nadia, Nura, Misspi and Zaza. (yes, all women team!).
I will blog more on this. I need to buy a new adaptor for my laptop first. For the mean time, enjoy our videos :

1 - Cities and Climate Change theme launch (by Aziqqurol Hakim Azizan)

2 - Our programmes for World Habitat Day 2011 (by Muhammad Fakri Zaki Abadi Ahmad Zairi)

Thanks, all!