Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bed oh bed

My brother went to Germany last August. He took some interesting photos. I like these beds with sleeping bags. Mmm… I need to travel more.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I have a lot to give : UNICEF

I've been involved with UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) for quite sometimes. (Being a mother of three, it really means A LOT to help unfortunate kids around the world).

Couple of months back I received a certificate of appreciation from them. Not to mention endless letter from Mr Youssouf himself telling me how my contribution had helped a 10 yo girl - who works as a brick breaker since she was 8 - go to school and learn to count. She is now able to tell when her boss (intentionally) miscalculate the brick, so he can pay her lower. *jahat..jahat*

Last time there were a group of celebrity came and join our activity. I didnt know him but since everyone snap their photo like crazy, so, here it is... I manage to get a few. Just to show it to my hubby and ask him, "Siapakah orang-orang ini?"


It is heartbreaking to see them (Nazreen and Baby Nazran) on this every 6 hours.

baazar again and again

I have to be in hiatus mode again.

The Nabell team is pretty occupied this time around. We received invitation after invitation since the beginning of this holy month and until today, it is endless. We have to pick the suitable location and study the target group in that area *first* before we can say YES.

In the same time, we have to scout around for an urgent romper / kids wear supply since it runs really fast. So far, we have two baazars in Damansara Town Centre (and TWO more to go!) and currently (1 - 4 September 2009), we are @ Menara 2 DBKL (or PKNS building), Jalan Raja Laut.

Here are some of the new stock for Ramadhan. We cant post it in the blog since it ran fast.

*Vibrant colours*Bold pattern*Retro*Celebrating stripes*Cute dresses*Cheeky*