Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mini Samosa with whatever-left-from-last-night fillings

I took the leftover from dinner last night, fried it with a bit of onion, garlic, carrot and pepper, to give it stronger flavour. I cut each spring roll sheet into three long strips and start wrapping the filling.
And turned it into mini samosa. My kids' favourite.
Apart from those fillings, I also made scramble egg filling and cheese. I cut the cheese slice into triangle and wrap it with the sheet, then fried it. The cheese will melt and find its way between the sheet layers. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Meet Rainbow

My husband gave me this cute thing.
Me and baby Nazmi were fighting over who gets to sleep with Rainbow, every single night. Why do babies always think that cute things are theirs?

Monday, June 22, 2015

I miss Corporate Club

I missed all the fun activities with the Corporate Club.
While re-arranging my folders, I came across a few photos. I am putting it here before I delete the downloaded files from my PC.

We had a lot of adventurous outdoor activities together. 
  We had over the top themed dinner parties annually.
And.. we have regular sports tournament on weekends. It was not just US. It involved the whole family. My kids grew up with them. My husband was really close with the rest of my colleagues. He usually played for my futsal / volleyball team as I was busy chasing the kids.
I think 90% of the members were already transferred to various agencies all over the country. The best thing is, wherever we go, there will be someone we knew from the Club, who shares the same memories, to have a cuppa with.

I was asked a question last week - to describe in one sentence, what was the best experience I had in my previous office. My answer to him was simple - Nura, Mispi, Rose, Nadia and Che Lah. That's all. It summed up my best memories in MHLG.

Four is my favourite number

Monday, June 8, 2015

Lunch on my day off - bread and grilled chicken

I took a day off last week to run some errands.
I went home for a quick lunch before continue with my office work afterwards.
This is my quick lunch. Grilled barbeque chicken with onion and bread.

Bean Boozled Challenge

Thank you for my SIL for introducing me to this INTERESTING BEANS and interesting challenge :)
The box contains variety of jelly beans that comes in pair of the same colour but DIFFERENT flavour (you can read it below). i.e one brown jelly bean tastes GOOD, like a chocolate pudding. Another will taste like a canned dog food (and the taste sticks to your mouth a few hours after that - I can confirmed because that was the last flavour I took).
We played in pair and took turn to eat the bean. Me and my husband. My SIL with my brother. Nabil and Haziq. We prepared a plastic bag should anyone of us need to spit it out or throw up (I must say that everybody utilises the plastic bag +_+).

I got  a few good ones - buttered popcorn and tutti frutti BUT I ALSO GOT THE BAD ONES - stinky sock, mouldy cheese, baby wipes and canned dog food. I spitted it out after a few second. THAT TASTE! Euw.

Nabil and Haziq took the same flavour bean - barf - they ran away and puke at the same time. One in the living room and another in the kitchen. It was funny! LOL.

To know what is this challenge is all about, do watch my favourite Bean Boozled Challenge video:
Grab a box now!

Sunday, June 7, 2015


Ok, now I am hungry.

Fishing in the flood

One thing about balik kampung is the kids have the opportunities to explore new things that the city couldnt offer. During the flooding season last year, we went back to Kluang.

My BIL and my husband bought a fishing lines for my kids. My FIL prepared the lines.
My MIL prepared some home cook meals and we took off to the paddy field. The flood was quite bad at the paddy field so we couldnt penetrate the area. We just park at a dry area, the middle of nowhere, surrounded by oil palm estate and let the kids experience fishing in the floodwater. 

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Saturday Art: Masks


It is easy to SOLAT

We made this poster together. 
This is how I teach the kids that SOLAT IS EASY.
This is how much time you actually spent to solat, compared with 24 hours Allah gave us daily. So little. So there is no excuse not to solat.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Favourite pastime - Melukis berjemaah

#brotherhood #favpastime #comfortablesilent

Lesson learned

I have told them not to play at the neighbour's house.
I have no choice but to call them home. Ask them to take a bath, wudhu' and sit there (and zikir) for half an hour until Maghrib.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Laundry time

Doing laundry with FIL and MIL at the coin-operated laundry because the water pressure at home is reallllly low.

TOT : Seri Malaysia Bagan Lalang

For this course, I stayed in a very spacious suite with two double beds and two 3-seater sofa, on the ground floor. The kids arrived at midnight, when it was really dark outside. The next morning, when they look out the window, they saw these:
And when they went out the door, take a few (ok, 32) steps to the right, they saw this. It was so convenient to stay at the ground floor and close to these facilities.
I am really happy with this hotel. Not too crowded and the kids really enjoyed themselves in the pool as well as at the playground. We got discounted price during breakfast and lunch. Good food. Definitely we will go there again.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

TOT : Positive Wall

At the end of the TOT (here), we need to write down the good values of others on the post-its and stick it on the wall.
These are what they wrote about me. It is a POSITIVE wall. So... 
All the positive stuff
I didnt even know that I have some of those values - ayat tersusun, pandai berkomunikasi, jelas...well, that's the objective of this game. For other people to tell what you didnt know about yourself. Thank you. 
** a few people called me and requested the list of the games. The secretariat is compiling the list. I will share it once I have it.

TOT : Insan Hebat

In one of the TOT games, every group need to list down the qualities of Insan Hebat and present it to the floor.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Fun @ Atok's

Full of activities at Atok's house.
Now you know why they love to stay at Atok's.

DIY Sandwich

I grilled a few mini buns and prepared variety of sandwich fillings:

- grilled barbeque chicken
- homemade mini beef burger using minced meat and spices,
- steamed crab meat with mayonnaise, 
- scramble egg
- caramelised onions
- cheese
- mustard; and 
- sauces.

We let the kids choose and make their own tiny sandwich.
They really had fun experimenting with different type of sandwiches, one after another.

Monday, June 1, 2015

iM4U 2015 : The Day

The programme ran smoothly.
I arrived at the site at 7am. I was running here and there because that's how a paranoid project manager should be. lol.  

The event was officiated by the Hon Minister. We provide free health check up services including pap smear, healthy lifestyle exhibition, talk on entrepreneurship, interactive booths on entrepreneurship, fun dance by my colleague, a Zumba trainer, FREE MARKET (the coolest of all!), futsal tournament, sukaneka, pertandingan menyumpit, interesting demonstration by Fixie Family using *duh* fixie and bar street workout (second coolest).
Items for the Free Market
Free basic check up. The Pap Smear was performed in the nearby Klinik 1Malaysia
Bar street workout
The event was a success.
I went home and sleep. It was an exhausting two months preparation.

I wish all the best for the next year's team :)
Oh BTW, our programme was captured in today's newspaper.

iM4u 2015 : The Prep

I have a very good team this year.
I was away for 3 weeks attending courses and my assistants managed to complete all important tasks. I am no longer a micromanager :)
Two days before, I was struggling with the speech for the Minister, brief for the Deputy Minister and some small scale designs for money envelopes and charity bags. 

In the afternoon before the day, I went to the Minister's house to brief his spouse on the programme. Then we went straight to the site. The tents were up, hampers were ready, all items for Free Market has been carefully transported to the site and I manage to finished the media statement (the best PRO was in my room to invite the media at the very last minutes) as well as MC script before I headed home at 8.30pm. 
I have a very good sleep that night knowing everthing is ready for the big day tomorrow :)

Nice graphic on the 11th Malaysia Plan

I can totally relate to this page.
This is something that you could find in my note book. Sketch note + mind map.

11th Malaysia Plan is something that me (here) and my colleagues in the Government were working on all this while.

Nabil's Picture Dictionary #2

Remember Nabil did a Picture Dictionary for English Month? (here)
He got Number Two in the whole Standard 4. He received the present during school assembly.
Way to go, Nabil!