Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tidur beriya-iya

One night, baby Nazmi sleep without the camo baby swaddle. He could move his hand and feet freely. This is the cutest position I manage to capture that night.
After a few weeks, I came across this photo from a video clip and found the dance move is quite similar to baby Nazmi's position in the photo. I am not a fan to the singer and his song (in case any clueless being would ASSUME I am the big fan, thus I put my baby in that particular position). It was a coincidence. And I found it cute. That's all.

School break : Word

I taught Nabil to use Microsoft Word during the school break. I gave him a few assignments and  after he completed everything, he gave me this. 

School break : RMAF Museum

We went to the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) Museum on Saturday. Unplanned but it turned out great! They have two exhibition areas - at the field and in the hangar. 
The kids were running here and there, very excited to be surrounded by military aircraft - fighter jets and helicopters. Who wouldnt?
I was also excited to be so close to these superb aircraft. When we finished looking at the aircraft on the field, we walked to the hangar and it started to rain. Perfect timing.
Nabil inside the cockpit of Canadair CL41G-Tebuan, a turbojet that could go 480mph.
Nazreen, doing his thing. 
Nazran - trying to lift the jet.
And this is our favourite photo of this visit. 
One patriotic baby on RMAF jet's wing. 

Chocolate chip cookie with almond

Apart from this cookie (here), we made this one too on Friday. They are huge. Between 8 to 10cm in diameter.

Homework : Animals

Another Nabil's homework for the school break. It is for his Science class, a lesson on carnivore, herbivore and omnivore.

First, I taught him how to google for images. He has to google 12 types of animal, four for each categories. I reminded him to search for the one with white background - so the final outcome will be uniform. I helped him with drawing a circle around each animals in Photoshop and printed it out.
He planned to paste them on the manila card which he had cut out earlier, but unfortunately the manila card is not hard enough so I told him to paste the whole thing on a thick beige buffalo card. It creates a nice coloured ring around the animal. It looks cute.
He punched the hole, paste the hole reinforcements. I am glad to introduce him new kind of stationeries during the whole process - circle cutter, puncher, hole reinforcements, steel rings, cutting mat and an art scissors which looks like a dissecting scissors but I didnt know its name.

And instead of using a rope to tie the rounds as per instructed in his text book, I gave him steel rings.
How cute is that?

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Butterscotch pecan cookie with oat

Since we didnt have butterscotch morsels, we use butterscotch paste instead. I have added a few cups of rolled oats to make it firmer and to give it a psychological edge for the health-conscious people in the house (it is OKAY to eat this cookie because OAT is healthy LOL). 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Homework : Snake

Nabil have to make a snake out of a manila card for his art class.

I helped him to cut the manila card into smaller sheet and draw a DOT in the middle to mark where he should start to draw the spiral line. He draw the snake and he googled for the prettiest (and easiest) snake skin pattern (yes, I taught him how to Google image and I told him to choose STRIPES). He ended up with this cool one.
Almost there.... 
Done colouring. I told him to use the pencil colour but he insisted to use magic colour because - according to him - magic colour is more vibrant and "alive". Well, he is right.
I helped him to cut the snake. Sorry, Art Teacher. Some interventions required. I just cant let him ruined his masterpiece. He was too tired that time. He even said that the snake doesnt need any forked tongue coming out from its mouth (see? too tired).
I always remind Nabil that all drawings should have bold outline to make it looks neat.  He took a ruler and start to draw the outline right after I finished cutting. I didnt want to be seen too authoritative when it come to his homework, I tried my best to keep quiet eventho my mind keep bugging me with these thoughts... the outlines shouldnt be too straight... it shouldnt be too neat.... the snake doesnt appear "natural", but WTH, it is a fake snake anyway. 
DONE. The bold outline really made a difference.
How cool is that for a Standard Two student?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sofa cleaning

How many of you clean the bottom part of your sofa since you bought them a few years ago? 

Yesterday, I woke up and determine to clean the living room and the reading area. I sweep, vacuum and mop the floor THREE TIMES. I even vacuum all the sofas. Wipe its legs with antiseptic liquid. The kids were really excited when I asked them to turn the sofa so its bottom part is The living room has turned into a battle field for a while. Everyone has their own "fort". 
There. I dont have to worry putting baby Nazmi on the sofa in the living room, anymore.

My sweet angel

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Good morning!

The best way to start my day. 
1. Early in the morning.
2. Book.
3. Orange juice.
Then, prepare breakfast, wake everybody up, feed everybody, clean dishes, sweep the floor, mop the floormandikan baby, make sure everybody dah mandi, wash dirty clothes, sweep the floor, mop the floor, hang the clothes, put away toys, tidy up kids' bedroom, sweep the floor, mop the floorfold the clothes, prepare lunch, bla bla bla.

One week school break is like having NINE SUNDAYS in a row. Everybody is home. Toys are everywhere.

Really, for me, the best part of the day is early in the morning. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I went to Pasar Tani with my mom on Sunday and I bought a lot of fresh fruits as usual. Then, my mom gave us a couple of juicy honey dews and watermelon. yummy!
The next day, we went to a hypermarket for one month grocery supply. And my husband did what he usually do best, restock various types of bread for the family. 

School break : Golf Range

Today, I made a quick lunch for my family. Simple grilled chicken sandwich....
 .....because we were in a rush...
 ......because we want to play golf.

It has been a while. The kids were having so much fun eventho some of the balls just move like 1 metre from where they were standing.

Nabil and Nazreen were watching other experienced golfer hitting their balls.
Nazran checking the field before he hit the ball.
Me? I hit a couple of balls too. Last time I enjoyed it very much. But now I prefer to sit back and watch the boys enjoying themselves. Baby Nazmi sleep all the way.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Family get together

Last weekend we had makan-makan with my family. My brother requested for this makan-makan since he was away for a few weeks - working - and he started to miss our fun family :p

I proposed to have a steamboat and barbeque since I am still in confinement. We have a few grill pans and steamboat cookers so it make cooking easier. Actually, my 44 days confinement ended on Saturday, but I chose 100 days. Enjoy the photos.

Juicy lamb in hickory and pepper marinade, chicken, dory fish and sausages for kids.
Mushrooms for steamboat. The greens are for beef wrapping.
My sister bought my favourite fish. Salmon. I prefer to eat it raw :)
Salmon contains a lot of Omega 3 fatty acids and DHA that is good for the brain. A nursing mom should eat salmon, as the milk will have significant amounts of the Omega 3 and DHA.  

Friday, March 15, 2013

G&B LIFESTYLE : Framed Art Print (Caffeine Deprivation)

G&B Lifestyle is adding more items to our shelves!
We have lots and lots of cool minimalist art print in A4-size white frame for your workstation, to be hang on the wall or as a gift. Have a look at one of them!

This one is for coffee addicts out there.
Please add on RM7 for posting and handling.
Please email me at to place your order.

Visiting Palestinian sisters

Today, I went to SAHABAT Support Centre with my husband and baby Nazmi. For those who knew me well enough, you guys know how I love volunteer work. I am looking for ways to help the Palestinian refugees in Malaysia. In this trip, I sent some used clothes for the refugees on behalf of my friend.
Interested to volunteer? Go to -

The Palestinian kids are freakin cute you know!!!! But they were too shy to be photographed. I took photo with the generous teacher and her pretty volunteer daughter instead. This was when the kindergarten, preschool and home schooling session ended and parents came to pick their cute child up. I am the one with the square face ;p

Thursday, March 14, 2013

On Laundry

My husband suggested me to hang all the clothes in the dining area so I didnt have to work hard during my confinement period. He do the laundry as well but I am more focus on baby Nazmi's clothes, bedding set, towel and my clothes. I prefer to handle them myself.
Our dining area has an excellent sunlight and air circulation. It is hot during afternoon and the clothes will be dry in no time.
I find it extremely convenient (only three steps away from the washing machine!!) so I want to continue hanging our clothes there even after my confinement period is over. haha :)

No carpet

Our house has been carpet-less since baby Nazmi has arrived. The thought of dust mites and bacteria drives me crazy especially with the baby in the house. So my husband sent all the carpets for professional cleaning service. It is either the house will be carpet-less for a year (or until Nazmi started to walk), or we buy a low pile carpet, or we go back to bamboo mat.

Our house is kinda botak but it makes me happy. I just have to sweep the floor every 1 hour :) It is funny how the dirt become verrryyyyyy visible when you have no carpet.

Living room
TV area
Hobby area
Dining area
See? No carpet.
I am smiling.

This is how you....

....drag Nazran from his cosy bed every morning.

Prepare him a nice breakfast with hot Milo at his favourite spot in front of the TV and turn on channel 616. Tell him the menu and what's on the TV. 

He will get up, eat a bit, then take a shower, ready for school.

Sunday food

Late entry. 
I really enjoy spending time with my baby.

Last Sunday, Nabil requested for Curry Rice for lunch. Done.
Then, for dessert, he requested for Sagu & Gula Melaka. Done.
For dinner, rice porridge for the whole family. Mummy is still in confinement, so please show some support, ya. They love rice porridge. It's in the gene.