Sunday, March 31, 2013

School break : RMAF Museum

We went to the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) Museum on Saturday. Unplanned but it turned out great! They have two exhibition areas - at the field and in the hangar. 
The kids were running here and there, very excited to be surrounded by military aircraft - fighter jets and helicopters. Who wouldnt?
I was also excited to be so close to these superb aircraft. When we finished looking at the aircraft on the field, we walked to the hangar and it started to rain. Perfect timing.
Nabil inside the cockpit of Canadair CL41G-Tebuan, a turbojet that could go 480mph.
Nazreen, doing his thing. 
Nazran - trying to lift the jet.
And this is our favourite photo of this visit. 
One patriotic baby on RMAF jet's wing. 


mye said...

alolo nazmi...sayaaaaanggg bintang!

garlic & butter said...

kita mesti sayang bintang :)