Friday, March 29, 2013

Homework : Snake

Nabil have to make a snake out of a manila card for his art class.

I helped him to cut the manila card into smaller sheet and draw a DOT in the middle to mark where he should start to draw the spiral line. He draw the snake and he googled for the prettiest (and easiest) snake skin pattern (yes, I taught him how to Google image and I told him to choose STRIPES). He ended up with this cool one.
Almost there.... 
Done colouring. I told him to use the pencil colour but he insisted to use magic colour because - according to him - magic colour is more vibrant and "alive". Well, he is right.
I helped him to cut the snake. Sorry, Art Teacher. Some interventions required. I just cant let him ruined his masterpiece. He was too tired that time. He even said that the snake doesnt need any forked tongue coming out from its mouth (see? too tired).
I always remind Nabil that all drawings should have bold outline to make it looks neat.  He took a ruler and start to draw the outline right after I finished cutting. I didnt want to be seen too authoritative when it come to his homework, I tried my best to keep quiet eventho my mind keep bugging me with these thoughts... the outlines shouldnt be too straight... it shouldnt be too neat.... the snake doesnt appear "natural", but WTH, it is a fake snake anyway. 
DONE. The bold outline really made a difference.
How cool is that for a Standard Two student?


mye said...

lovely! i would certainly do this with my kids IF i'm not scared of snakes!

Nurul said...

first stage - adopt a snake as a pet.