Sunday, March 10, 2013

Big Bad Wolf Fire Sale

The recent Big Bad Wolf Fire Sale was held for four days. I am glad baby Nazmi was born 22 days earlier than the EDD for I am healthy enough to go to BBW sale this time (my entry on this - here)I am still in confinement and Nazmi tagged along in a sling. 

Crazy discount. Some books are as low as RM1. Some are RM3, RM5. 
(Credit : BBW)
I went there with Nabil, Nazran and my nephew, Haziq. I assigned them on a mission to get interesting book for themselves, Nazreen and Haziq's sister, Sarah. They were so thrilled (#strategy). BUT before that, they must pull the trolley bag for me from one section to another.
 (Credit : BBW)
This is how it work - I pass the book to Nabil, he then put it carefully into the bag and Haziq drag the bag everywhere I go. They took turn to pull the trolley bag because it was so heavy. Nazran was with my husband. They use another bag. 

We took a rest at the kids' section when both bags were full. That was when we let them free to choose books for everybody. The highlight of the day.
Muka bangga.
The kids chose nearly 20 books for them. I bought almost 40 books (ok, now I need to re-arrange our bookshelves). These are some of them. I already finished reading 5. 
In the next two weeks, BBW will be in Penang. OMG, should we go to Penang also? lol.

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