Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nabil to Kem Motivasi Anak Soleh 2011 - Day 02

Me, my husband and Nazreen were stalking Nabil during his 2nd day @ Kem Motivasi. They had a simple exercise at the playground this morning.

Nazreen joined Nabil for breakfast afterwards.

This evening, we will all go to the mosque for tazkirah, solat jemaah and certificate giving ceremony, until Isyak.

We fell sick together

Earlier in December, I fell sick. I went to the clinic early in the morning. And at night, all of my children, NABIL, NAZREEN and NAZRAN need a dose of nebuliser as well. Hmmm...

Thistle & Avilion Admiral Cove, Port Dickson

bare with me, my longest entry ever)

I have to represent my division (along with my director) to a Strategic Meeting in PD in early December. I decided to bring the whole family since I RARELY at home during weekend (work, outstation, oversea, work, work). I pity the kids for staying home during loooong school break. The room was not provided and I am free to choose any hotel for our accommodation. The meeting was held in Thistle Port Dickson - a five star hotel with golf course and a very nice food. And we stayed at Avilion Admiral Cove - since all nearby hotel was not available due to school holiday.

I have to attend the meeting at 9am. We departed from KL early that morning. My husband brought them to the beach while waiting for my lunch break, so we can go check-in at Avilion together. Pity them. They have to wait for me from 9am to 1.30pm. But I know Papa is good in managing the time and the kids!

I envy my hubby when he showed me these photos. They were having fun. Without me.

Nazreen's natural hair colour. YES, it is natural. I don't dye them.

And they had Coconut water & keropok afterward.

I repeat, Coconut-water-AND-keropok.

Then, we checked-in. The room is so spacious. I love the movable partition for bed area. You can close it for privacy and you can open up the area for the kids to run free. There is also a daybed. Large enough for the kids. Nice view toward the marina from our room.

I went back to the meeting afterward, 2pm-6pm and we continue from 8pm-11pm. Again, I felt so guilty. So I asked my husband to bring them to a fun fair at 11.30pm. They had a blast. We went back at 2am. (and I have MEETING at 8am!)

After checking out from Avilion the next day (I was in Thistle since morning), my husband brings the kids to explore the marina.

...and main air @ Tiara pulak... OMG OMG I am so jealous.

I stucked in the meeting room for two days (and night) and they were having SO MUCH FUN everywhere!!!! My meeting & presentation ended at 6.30pm and we went back to KL. I need to be in Janda Baik, Pahang that night. Another Strategic Meeting. In another blog entry.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Nabil to Kem Motivasi Anak Soleh 2011

My dad just sent Nabil and his cousin, Haziq to two-days Kem Motivasi Anak Soleh 2011 at the nearby mosque. He overnight at Atuk's house last night. I came in late - after the registration, just in time to watch them eat their breakfast with other 78 participants. The camp is open for children from 10-12 years old. Nabil just turn 6 two weeks ago. I am quite worried since he is the youngest among all but I know he will be fine. He is independent. Go Nabil!

There is Nabil, in the lime green baju melayu, talking to my dad's friend. Although he is the youngest, but you can see that he is not the smallest.

lazy weekend

Typical weekend.
When they woke up in the morning, Nazreen will lie down on the bean bag. And Nazran will sit in the tiny pail. They just sit/lie there doing nothing for about 20-30 minutes.They each have their own tiny pail (different colour) to keep small toys' parts, crayons, pencil colours, coins, etc. It is more practical and easier to move around. Sometimes they wear it over their heads while watching scary movies.

Friday, December 16, 2011


I was appointed as a Council Member of [Asia Pacific Institute of Good Asset Management (APIGAM)] on 16 June 2011, by the President, Mr KC Leong. He is also the Honorary President of [Eastern Regional Organisation for Planning and Human Settlement (EAROPH)].

Just now I had a chat with EAROPH Executive Secretary, Mr Vincent, at his new office. He said that they need to clear a few books on Planning and Asset Management because (1) they are moving into new [smaller] office and (2) they will publish another book on Asset Management next year. These books are ONLY AVAILABLE from Mr Vincent & me. So, grab it while it lasts!

(1) The Essence of Asset Management - A Guide

Author - KC Leong
Publisher - United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Year published - 2004
Page - 238
Clearance price -
RM60 (USD19)
Original price - RM90 (USD28)

Good book if you want to manage any type of assets effectively, not only office assets, but also applicable for home. It tells you some myths about assets, asset life span & life cycle and the ultimate outcomes of asset management. This book has been published in other languages and sold in a few countries. The content is relevant for...ever.

* * * *

(2) Cities, Citizens & Civilisations

Author - Angela Yap & Patralekha Chatterjee
Publisher - UNDP
Year published - 2004

Page - 108
Clearance price -
RM15 (USD5)
Original price - RM40 (USD13)

I REAAAALLLLYYYYY like this book. It contains FAQs on Good Urban Governance such as :
What is the difference between local government and urban governance? What is meant by participatory urban governance? What is decentralisation? How did the concept of good governance evolve?

It is VERY INTERESTING. You dont have to be a planner or a policy maker to read the book. If you are an ordinary citizen of any part of the country, any country of the world, you can totally relate and you will have better understanding on your local government system. PLUS, the content was arranged neatly, with a lot of cartoons here and there. The size is small.. and cute.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Sue Lunatots blog about my event - The Power of Blogging. THANKS, SUE! here.

Our sponsor, Mrs Fazrin Nazmi from [ Scrumptioussugar ], also blog about the event (here).

She sponsored Congo Bar and Red Velvet cuppies for the participants. And you know what, I just picked up my order from her room - Butterscotch Brownies - and IT TASTES SO WONDERFUL!!!!! Seriously. I am very particular when it comes to BROWNIES (since i am a baker too) and I KNOW I WILL ORDER THIS BROWNIES AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN from Scrumptioussugar. U SHOULD TRY!!! (click here to see more)

Before this, both speakers promoted about this event in their blogs.

Thanks, guys!

It is so nice to see my design (the round orange thing) everywhere.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Colour blocking

When I posted [ this post ] on adding blue / turqoise crystal beads on shocking pink baju kurung, I received some feedback on "why not pink crystal?" or "i couldnt imagine pink and blue can go well together"...

Well, luckily my colleague, Kak Norain Othman captured this photo two months ago and kind enough to email it to me. Although I didnt like to put my photo in my own blog, but, here you go. It is subjective, tho. I like pink crystal on pink baju kurung too.
(yes, i know I am chubby, but let's not go there)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How I go to work

My sons asked me how did I go to work everyday. Last weekend, I made this.

This is how I go to work everyday. I took RAPID KL to Putra LRT Station, then, I took a train (LRT Putra) to KL Sentral, then I change to another train, KLIA Transit to Putrajaya Sentral. There, I took NadiPutra bus to my office in Precint 4. Then, I have to walk a bit to my building. I have to punch in before 8.30am. What time I leave home everyday? You do the math (don't forget the waiting period for each mode of transportation ya!). If I missed the KLIA Transit, I will have to wait for another 27 minutes for the next train.
Then, they asked me how did I return from work because sometimes they picked me up at KL Sentral, sometimes at LRT Putra Terminal and sometimes I just came home in a taxi. They were confused. Instead of using the "back" arrow in the same drawing, in which will make them more confuse, I just explained by using this diagram. haha.
Well, I enjoy the trip to the office everyday. I can finish one book in one week because there is nothing much to do in the trains/buses. I can read while I am sitting or standing. I enjoy the view outside. I learn new fashion, admire some handbags, drool on some heels especially when I am on the train. It is a very exciting trip everyday.

People might say it is tiring, waste of time and waste of energy. It is not tiring at all. In fact, it feels so good to be GREEN and knowing that I've produce lesser carbon footprint every single day. Just be positive.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Nazran...

I am in Kedah. And tomorrow is my son's birthday. Hmm....
This is the only photo of Nazran in my thumbdrive. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MUHAMMAD NAZRAN SYAZWAN.
Macam la dia boleh baca.

Innovation Day

I've constructed huge CPU and CD replicas for Innovation Day gimmick. I was a bit disappointed when I went back at 2am before THE day because I dont think it looks like a CPU at all. I just cant go on adding more details here and there because I was exhausted (and frustrated). But, the next morning, when they put it on the stage, with the lighting and all, it does look a bit like a CPU.

This is how it works - The Honourable Minister will insert the CD inside the CPU and that one handsome ICT guy in the control room should hit the PLAY button to launch the multimedia presentation on the big screen. It requires precise coordination and timing, and THAT was exactly what we achieved. Good job everyone!

Let's sprinkle some glamour

I have a very plain shocking pink baju kurung.
I bought some black sexy lace and blue crystal beads in different hues. Put it together and voila!

Wall of Frame

Kids' room.

Kantoi - Swahili

Seriously felt stupid when trying so hard conversing in Swahili with a Kenyan guy (and he was impressed!), then he picked up a piece of paper which I accidentally dropped on the floor, which says "Learn basic Swahili in 5 minutes".

Nabil and Nazreen riding that thing

seriously, stop fighting now!

Typical day.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cool headcover

Papa bought a new track bottom and he cut off the inner layer which usually irritates - especially when we are sweating. Our young designers love it so much (last year's photos).

Phew! The Power of Blogging just ended

Evening Talk : The Power of Blogging just ended.
Although it was a bit slow at the beginning due the technical problem, but it went well. We targeted for 100 pax but 70+ is good enough.

Thanks to the speakers - Shahabudeen Jalil & Sue Lunatots. Really love your talks!

We got lotsa sponsors too.

(caution, it might cause a serious drooling problem)

Congo Bars & Red Velvet Cupcakes from scrumptious sugar.

Chocolate cake by cupster. (OMG AP, you are so skinny! Pls eat your delicious cake MORE)

Macarons by cute bites.

Photographer from secretlens photography.

And garlicandbutter sponsored framed khat and button badges for the speakers and PUSPANITA KPKT's Secretary who officiated the event. i hope they like it! I just made it this morning.