Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cool headcover

Papa bought a new track bottom and he cut off the inner layer which usually irritates - especially when we are sweating. Our young designers love it so much (last year's photos).

Phew! The Power of Blogging just ended

Evening Talk : The Power of Blogging just ended.
Although it was a bit slow at the beginning due the technical problem, but it went well. We targeted for 100 pax but 70+ is good enough.

Thanks to the speakers - Shahabudeen Jalil & Sue Lunatots. Really love your talks!

We got lotsa sponsors too.

(caution, it might cause a serious drooling problem)

Congo Bars & Red Velvet Cupcakes from scrumptious sugar.

Chocolate cake by cupster. (OMG AP, you are so skinny! Pls eat your delicious cake MORE)

Macarons by cute bites.

Photographer from secretlens photography.

And garlicandbutter sponsored framed khat and button badges for the speakers and PUSPANITA KPKT's Secretary who officiated the event. i hope they like it! I just made it this morning.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Friday, November 25, 2011

Habitat Magazines travel around the globe!

I had a chance to attend a meeting and conference for a week in Brunei. (The answer for this entry). I brought a very heavy box of souvenirs and magazines. I want to give Habitat Magazines to as many people from different countries as possible because I've spent days and sleepless nights in making it a reality. From collecting articles, Google-ing/gathering photos, arranging layout, design, looking for filler, WRITING AN ARTICLE (with the help of Rosdiana and Nadia for translation), went through one tough proof reading after another and running to the printer's office a couple of times. I am not familiar with InDesign at first, I have to rely on step-by-step guide from a book and Youtube.

NOW, I am so proud to know that people around the globe bring the magazine back to their countries/offices and share it with their colleagues. Although the printing set up was a bit OFF (the margins are too narrow), but never mind, as long as they can learn Malaysia's best practices and our strategies dealing with the climate change, it is enough for me.

Alimaa Altengerel from Mongolia, my best bud since Adelaide meeting until Brunei. The future first female Minister in Mongolia. She loves the cover.

Kerry McGovern, EAROPH Australia's President really love the cover design by Cepoi (here)

Derek Martin, CEO of International Federation for Housing and Planning (IFHP) in Netherlands

Prof Konami from Japan

Evelyn from Brunei

Jung from Korea. They will host the next meeting & conference in Daegu, Korea (2012). See you (and another Jung, and another Jung) there!! FYI, 3 Jungs from Korea attended this time.

Ar John Koh, an architect from Malaysia

*so proud*
It was a bit embarrassing to get those prominent individuals to pose with the magazine. But I need to do it. Dont ask me why.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thunderstorm @ Putrajaya

I am on the level 20 in one of the tallest buildings in Putrajaya. I dont know how scary thunderstorm in Putrajaya could be (I only heard about it before) until it happened every single day in early November. The frequent lightning (like, every 5 seconds) during thunderstorm usually accompanied by strong winds and heavy downpour. Driving home in that weather condition is really a nightmare.

I can see those scary lightning strikes through the full glass wall in my office. Even though I've shut the vertical blinds, but I can still see its glaring light followed by the sharp and loud crack of thunder. So, I just leave it open. Sometimes it is exciting to guess where the lightning will strike.

My hubby enjoyed it very much. It has become an obsession. He will pick me up at the office with a car full of lenses, tripod, monopod/unipod, u name it (oh ya, kids). We have to wait for him in the car quite a while for him to capture the best lightning photo of the day. I usually prepared some sandwich in the office before I went down so we can eat and enjoy lightning 'performance' with Papa.

Trust me, all photos ARE GREAT. I will never see thunderstorm the same way again. The lightnings are so beautiful. (Below, cloud-to-ground lightning and far below, double lightning) See I am into lightning as well. I know the terms already. LOL.

Happy Graduation, Nabil

Nabil just graduated from preschool!
First, he performed dikir barat with his fellow classmates, then, they rushed out and prepare for the graduation.
I helped the teachers to took off the ribbons and put on the robe. Owh, he is so adorable.

Then we went home, he change into something more comfortable and we went out again. Just the two of us. Papa have photoshoot the whole day and my mom agreed to take care Nazreen and Nazran. Nabil really wants to eat at Kedai Tuti. I guess I can give it an exception. Your kids doesnt graduate from pre-school everyday. It is once in a lifetime thing. We should celebrate. Plus, Mama also wants to eat at Kedai Tuti ;o)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Evening Talk : The Power of Blogging

Come and support (me)! My first program after being appointed as Head of ICT Bureau for PUSPANITA. It is open to outsiders as well, we only charged RM5.00 (yes, FIVE RINGGIT ONLY).

I am looking for blogger friends who wanted to promote their blogs / businesses by sponsoring *anything*. For the time being, I got sponsors for RED VELVET CUPCAKES, BUTTERSCOTCH BROWNIES / CONGO BARS, FRAMED KUFI and THUMBDRIVES. They are meant for speakers (the cupcakes) and for those who have guts to ask questions to the speakers.

If we received a lot, all participants could at least bring home one cupcake.... Just like OPRAH dan ELLEN, eh? No one go home empty-handed.

Well, what are you guys waiting for??? Register as participant OR sponsor anything (10 cupcakes/macarons/shawls pun ok!). Thanks!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Qurban 1432

Alhamdulillah. I manage to perform Qurban this year. One goat was all I can afford for the moment but it means a lot.

...The act of Qurban (Sacrifice) is carried out by millions of Muslims every year during Eid Al-Adha following the example of the father of Prophets, Ibrahim (AS).

Allah (SWT) says in the Quran: "It is neither their meat nor their blood, that reaches Allah, it is your piety that reaches Him". (Al Qur'an, Ch:22 v:37)

The prophet Muhammad PBUH was asked "What is Qurban?", He answered, "It is the sunnah of your father Ibrahim (AS), for every hair of the Qurban you will receive a reward from Allah and for every hair in the wool you will receive a reward". (Hadith - Ibn Maja and Tirmidhi)....

(via net)

When it first arrived (we have someone else to slaughter and skinned it first), we (me, my husband, my brother and my dad) spent a couple of minutes STARING at the flesh, thinking where to start. 

Then, we looked at each other and "You go first", "No, you go first", "How to do it?", "I think we better watch Youtube first", "Oh, I heard the telephone rang" (flee inside the house - NO, it actually doesnt rang) and "I am going to call up my friends to help". They involved in qurban at the mosque every year, but to do everything on their own for the first time, it kinda funny.

see??? Where to start?

Everything went well. My brother grilled some on the spot and later we distributed the rest to relative, friends and neighbours.
(small bite size for kids, large one for ME)

So guys, let's save some money and perform qurban next year!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Travelling. Again.

I am off to an official trip to our neighbouring country on 2nd day of Aidiladha. See ya!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Salam AidilAdha

Just feel like putting my family's (my mom, dad, brother & nephew) photos during Hajj in 2008. I can still remember, they went to Mecca with my in-laws to perform Hajj and two days later, I delivered Nazran via c-sect. It was a true challenge for my dearest hubby. I couldnt move for a week, Nabil and Nazreen were handful and he had to take care one small delicate newborn. Alone. And to make things even worse, three of them got chicken pox when Nazran turned 21 days old. OK, enough about us.

Just enjoy these photos...
(Haziq was just 6 years old that time. Circumcised. They put him on a wheelchair for his safety)