Sunday, August 18, 2013

Baby main bunga api

I know I am not the first mom to do this. I just cant help it when I saw a lot of chopsticks and cloth pegs lying on the floor, and baby Nazmi was sleeping soundly on my bed.
Baby main bunga api.
Selamat Hari Raya all!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Raya 2013

Every year, my husband will be the one who cook all kind of Raya meals (I know, I know, I am lucky :p). (Raya prep in 2009 - here). During Raya eve, he was not feeling well, so for the first time, I am preparing his Malay-Java Raya dishes on my own.

I started to cook at 1 am, right after we came back from my parent's. I made chicken ungkep (Javanese version of chicken cooked in spices), kuah kacang (roasted peanut gravy), nasi himpit, ketupat, beef rendang and lodeh. My husband woke up at 4 am to perform some quality checks. I passed :)
After my husband and Nabil came back from Solat Sunat Aidilfitri, we sent some food over to my neighbour's house, then we had a family Raya breakfast.
Then we went to my parent's to Raya2 with my family. This is the best family photo captured by my brother so far. Six of us.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Eid Mubarak!!

Thank you to my officemates for our office's Raya decoration this year.

Nabil Art Class : Our Home and My Car

Nabil's masterpieces for his art class.

I was hoping to see ordinary square house with triangle or trapezium roof when he started to draw "Our Home". I never expected to see this kind of house with a lot of architectural details and landscaping work (notice the river stone pavement?). He was allowed to use only 3 colours (red, yellow and blue) for this assignment. He mixed yellow and blue to produce green, for the trees. He supposed to colour the whole compound with green (grass), but overwhelmed by the thought of having to colour the same spot twice (blue and yellow), he changed his mind. Instead of grass, the compound is now covered with cement render, easier for the kids to ride a bike outside. 
This is one of my favourite Nabil's watercolour drawings. "My car". He loves red car. 
I am going to frame this. 

Custard cocktail with mango pudding for all!!

I have been wanting to prepare something for my colleagues and neighbours for iftar but I did not have time to prepare.

Last Friday, I went home during lunch break, very determined, made a few stops at a supermarket, bakery supply store and a plastic container shop to buy ingredients for a custard cocktail with mango pudding. I filled nearly 20 round containers for my office mates and three huge square containers for my neighbours.
I hope they liked it. I have not received any feedback yet.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Majlis Khatam AlQuran

The highlight of Ramadhan programmes at my office. Majlis Khatam AlQuran. Alhamdullilah, it was a great event indeed.
Everyone involved in the Tadarus AlQuran throughout this holy month received these. Beautifully embroidered praying robe, bunga telur (bunga is "flower" and telur is "egg" –i.e. fully boiled chicken egg wrapped decoratively) which is the traditional Malay gift and Pulut Kuning (served with beef rendang), as symbol of gratitude and appreciation in Malay occasions.
More on Ramadhan programmes in my office (click here).

Staying In : Part 18 - Repainting the kids room

I had enough of the colour blocking so I decided to repaint my kids' room. The kids helped me to paint with the roller. I was using the brush to work on the grooves. It was time consuming. It requires four layers of paint to cover up the purple and red stripes. We manage to complete only two walls in a few hours because we need to rush to Seremban for iftar.
My husband told me not to repaint the remaining two purple-red walls because he really appreciate my hard work painting the wall for the kids two years ago :)

MINION - the HOT stuff

I have my very own MINION. It is bigger than the original.

Iftar food

It is nearly the end of Ramadhan. So I guess it is okay to put up photo of food.
Our simple food for iftar yesterday. Grilled chicken with rosemary, my favourite grilled salmon and masak lemak telur for the kids. I also made a apple crumble for dessert.

One day leave

I took a leave before I flew to Kedah to settle on few things. It involves kids and shopping.

Early in the morning, me and my kids went to my office to pick up Baju Melayu for Nabil and Nazreen which I bought the day before at the Mega Raya Baazar held at my office. We stuck there for a while due to heavy downpour.

Then we went to fabric store to shop for a few fabrics for their pants and curtain. Nazreen and Nazran were so tired that they begged me to break their fast. We have a long day ahead and dealing with their tantrum in the car is the last thing I want to do at that moment. I bought them the Golden Arch's Kids' Meals. 
After that, we shop for bakery supplies. It was quite a challenge to be there with the kids. It was so crowded! They were fighting over who got to push the cart and who should walk at the front. I just pray to Allah to make the whole trip easy. 

After that, we went for a factory clearance sale nearby. My husband asked me to buy a pair of jeans and polo shirt each. That means each one of them should try at least 2-3 pair of jeans and polo shirts to get the right size. The location of kids' jeans section adjacent to the toys section, although intentional, was not helping at all. They kept running to the other section whenever I was not looking.

We ended up with 3 jeans, 3 polo shirts and 3 toys. Luckily baby Nazmi was too small to ask for anything. Well, at least everyone was happy. By the time we complete our shopping there, the car was already full.

I went home and pick up my husband. He just came back from work. We bought my husband's Baju Melayu. Too tired - we went for iftar at my mom's. END OF ONE TIRING DAY.

eh wait. Not yet.
That night, I made my signature chocolate chip cookies for my house, my mom's and my MIL's. 
Nazmi accompanied me until 2am.

Two jabs

Baby Nazmi received two jabs. For his own good.
I need to put these up so no one touches his legs. (click for a clearer view of the notes)