Thursday, August 15, 2013

Raya 2013

Every year, my husband will be the one who cook all kind of Raya meals (I know, I know, I am lucky :p). (Raya prep in 2009 - here). During Raya eve, he was not feeling well, so for the first time, I am preparing his Malay-Java Raya dishes on my own.

I started to cook at 1 am, right after we came back from my parent's. I made chicken ungkep (Javanese version of chicken cooked in spices), kuah kacang (roasted peanut gravy), nasi himpit, ketupat, beef rendang and lodeh. My husband woke up at 4 am to perform some quality checks. I passed :)
After my husband and Nabil came back from Solat Sunat Aidilfitri, we sent some food over to my neighbour's house, then we had a family Raya breakfast.
Then we went to my parent's to Raya2 with my family. This is the best family photo captured by my brother so far. Six of us.


nura said...

comei dah ada baju raya!

Nurul said...

Kebetulan ada bazaar kat ofis. Ada semua size. Tak payah keluar shopping dah.