Sunday, October 2, 2016

Winter 2016 : Critical Reading workshop

I registered online for a Critical Reading workshop offered at My Learning Essentials. They have 3-4 interesting courses/workshop/seminar everyday, held in AGLC. It is free. You could just walk-in.

This was my first time. Once I walked-in, one lady, a facilitator, asked me to swipe my student card at the reader on the table to record my attendance. Then, she asked me to find my seat, anywhere and help myself with cookies and drinks (there is a coffee machine and various types of cookies at the corner of the room). I took two packets of chocolate chip cookies and I made myself a hot chocolate.
The workshop went well. They taught us theories, followed by a few individual and group exercises. The first exercise was for us to identify the main argument and evidences in a few academic articles. 

I love the facts that this exercise uses laminated A4s. We could jot down our thoughts, underline the arguments and circle the main points using a whiteboard marker, which, could be wipe-off and recycle afterwards.
Then, there was a group exercise.
We didnt know each other but we got along very well in one hour! 

At the end of the workshop, the facilitator requested to take a photograph of my graphic note.

And after the workshop ended, the facilitators went around the classroom with iPads, for us to fill in the online evaluation form. I love the hi-tech part of the workshop - the swipe part for registration, the online evaluation part, as well as the delicious cookies and free drinks :)

Winter 2016 : Allotment

My BIL requested photos of allotments around Manchester. We stopped by at a few allotments but since we visited them in the winter, there is nothing much to be seen. However, this is a really nice spot for socialising. I would love to live in this beautiful neighbourhood and involve in this kind of community project!

Winter 2016 : Go out, do something different and starts fresh!

That particular week, I felt like not leaving the house on Saturday morning because I have four essays to complete. But I changed my mind. I had a memorable chat with a PhD candidate, Jason, in the previous week while waiting for my sons (and Jason was waiting for his 5 children) at the supplementary school. His advise is kinda stick in my head. He said going out regularly (and not stuck in front of the laptop 247) is the best way to make him write faster. He will recharge by doing something different and start fresh afterward.

So, I followed his advise. I went out to send my kids to the supplementary school, had a good Malaysian breakfast with my husband and other Malaysians from areas around Manchester, chatting, laughing in between and totally forgot about the essays. But, when all ladies heading to their yoga class.... I just cant sit there and doing nothing.
Soon I found myself walking to the library in the next building and start writing my essays! (oh yes I have the laptop with me all the times)

LOL. Well, at least I went out, I did something different in the morning and guess what? The idea was flowing really fast! 

After the school ended, we went to visit my friend Juliana, who just delivered a baby girl earlier that week. Kids were pretty occupied with the toys.

Winter 2016 : More Alan Gilbert Learning Commons

A lot of essays to complete!

Winter 2016 : More spring rolls

Our favourite snack.
The kids love it with (1) cheddar; or (2) scramble egg fillings.