Friday, August 26, 2011

Eid Mubarak 1432

Have fun with your family and please drive carefully.

I am still working.
My tailor had accidentally gave my baju raya to other people.
I didnt have any kasut raya yet.
Our house need A LOT OF WORK for Raya. Seriously it is not ready for guests.
Kids didnt have any baju raya yet.
I will bring back tons of work to be submitted by 5th September 2011.

but this is the best Hari Raya ever!
Me, my husband and my three lovely kids will celebrate our first Raya at our new habitat.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Video : Nazreen's Frustration Over Uncompleted Paint Work

Meet Tomato

This is Tomato.
(She is a CAT and her name is Tomato)
Firstly, I dont like cats. I dont like anything furrrrry but since my husband and kids loved them so much, I have no problem having cat as our pet. I just have to scream out loud and jump onto the sofa whenever THE CAT entered our house. It is not that hard. First, scream. Then, go to the higher spot (continue screaming). After that, the kids will take care the rest (read - take the cat out).
Last time there were two of them. Tomato and Carrot. But Carrot died. I dont want to talk about it. Although I didnt like cat, but the fact that she is no longer with us makes me sad. Just like when our red and blue fishes died. Sad. And when a tortoise I bought for my nephew escaped a couple of years before that. Sad. And when I released my pet snake before I married my husband. Sad. He didnt like snake. I have to choose between the snake and a husband. OF COURSE WISE PEOPLE WILL CHOOSE A HUSBAND, kan?

No more pet after this. If they insisted to have another pet, I will make them using cardboards.

UNICEF : Somalian babies and kids

I cant sleep at night without thinking about starving babies and children in Somalia. My heart sank when I saw their super-skinny photos in the news.

NAIROBI, 29 July 2011 - With an estimated 1.25 million children across Southern Somalia in urgent need of life saving interventions and 640,000 acutely malnourished, UNICEF called for all actors to make saving children's lives the top priority and to urgently support all efforts to reach children in need.

You could make an online donation using credit card via UNICEF Malaysia website by clicking at the image below in the website. I couldnt create a link to this image that can direct you to the secure online payment window. Maybe because it is secured. I dont know. Pls help them.