Monday, September 29, 2008


After I successfully delivered all PINK gifts (view : PINK season), I started to receive orders for baby boys... so, the BLUE season is finally arrived. Here are what I just delivered today and we have a list for delivery after raya. All for baby boy :o) so, it is true, there is a season, huh?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

baazar 02

view : baazar
We managed to pull it off. My ever-so-lovely hubby agreed to manage our stall that day and the organizer was kind enough to give us another lot *for free*. I was there for less than an hour so I didnt have much to tell. But, my hubby said many of them complaining on how hard it is to get an affordable baby / maternity wear nowadays AND THEY REALLY HAPPY with our offer. We only took home less than half of what we brought there and our online store received an incredible hit afterwards :o) Talk about instinct. Kudos to KapasWear!

PINK season

Recently, we received many orders for baby girl gift sets... Man, I didnt expect this time of the year is blooming with "pink" bundle of joy. Most of them requested for PINK, so, I left with no other choice but to play around with pink and co.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


2006 : Papa and Nabil bonding moment


These are the benefits of using Dripstik..
(i) I don't have to stay there and hold the ice cream for the lil guy

(ii) He can learn how to feed himself and hold the dripstik properly

(iii) He can put (or leave) the ice cream anywhere he wants and take his own sweet time to finish it

(iv) No puddle in the house - I only have to clean his face.

** but it only happens like... once in two months.. (??).. I dont like the idea giving sweet stuff to my kids, but somehow, dont forget - there are atuks.. and nenny who really like to see their cucu happy with ice cream once in a while...


There'll be a one-day bazaar for Raya on the coming 25th at my office. I took a leave that day for my ante-natal check up... then only I knew about the bazaar. I received an email offering a stall for a RM20 rental fee (9am - 4pm).. mmm... since many people will jual kuih (typical bazaar thing) or tudung2, I was thinking of finding someone to sell our baby wear on that day. But who..?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

my heroes

What? Seriously? MEternity??? Aiyoo... Really look fake la. Plus the logo below. Was thinking of erasing it, but, not worth it la... wasting time.

**My favourite photo of my heroes

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Crochet Cell Pouch

My kids really loveeeeeeee to play with my cell : they slide it endlessly until it kinda loose : they dialled any number they want and they like to throw it here and there... So, I have to spend a fortune to repair it last week. Am too attached to my cell and I refuse to buy a replacement for it.

So, i made this crochet cell pouch (am using a 50g thread to give extra cushion) in about 30 minutes flat during lunch hour (yes, I have a ball of yarn under my table) and guess what... it solved all problems!! They can't slide my cell anymore because it is hard to get the cell out of it : they cant punch any button they like anymore because i only left the screen open.. and they can throw it here and there (but not too much) because it was cushioned :o)

Tot of doing it in different colours to suit my attire everyday. Cool eh? Kids can actually strike our creativity in a very irregular way.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Thanks for your order. I owe an apology to my beloved fren [NOORLIN from NEGERI SEMBILAN] for the delay. Anyway, she received the baby gift set yesterday and really likes it. This is my first time using black and guess what, black rocks! Mmmm... more black after this...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Announcing the arrival of ap.pap.pap....
Here :
Still updating.

[and some products are still on the way to Malaysia]