Wednesday, February 17, 2010

FREEBIE!!! - Long Acrylic Bead Necklace

(well, at least I think it is acrylic). LOL.

Again, bought this in Sarawak. A plastic full. But now it is half full (positive...positive...). I am giving away one long necklace to one lucky Garlic & Butter reader. So, if you REALLY want this, email me your cutest photo. Just the photo. You don't need to paste any poster, be my follower, publish my link, write any story, etc etc like other [lame] blog contest giveaways.

Leave your blog address in my comment box. My fashionista cousin, Cuna, will choose the winner. Yes, she knows what she's doing. (btw, how often you came across people with the name C.U.N.A?)

Just to give you the idea on its length :
(Thanks to the sexy model, Miss Kristin Shamini)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I have a lot to give : DESIGN 21 + UNESCO

(Fakri email me asking for updates)
One and only thing that keeps me occupied during lunch hour is Design 21. It is a social [DESIGN] network. Unlike any other social networks that people solely joined for networking *duh*, Design 21 is a social design network. We strongly believe social change can happen through design.

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is a partner of Design 21, together with Fellisimo. Being a social design network that has been endorsed by the UN for quite sometimes makes me truly confident that my effort and time spent for Design 21 everyday, worth it....

I learned a lot from others (I met a couple of good industrial designers there *wink*). That's the main reason WHY i haven't post anything for a while :o) LOL. Every time I logged in, I will be busy getting inspired.. until 2.00pm. Well... I will participate more in the future.

So, come on my designer friends, join Design 21! And start designing for a cause! We can make a difference.