Sunday, October 26, 2014

7 tired grandchildren

My wonderful parent is blessed with SEVEN adorable grandchildren (for the time being) and they take care all 7, everyday until we (me, my husband and my sister) came home from work everyday.

It was not easy, I know. I respect them for being able to manage all 7 everyday. Thank you.
This is the typical view at my parent's at night. Tired kids in a messy living room, waiting for their parents to come home from work.
This is a reminder that I have to go home early starting from tomorrow onwards. My parent needs a good rest.

Nazran fell down : Annular Ligament Tear

One shocking SMS from my dad before I headed to my IELTS' Speaking Test two weeks ago, on Friday. "Nazmi fell down at his school. Then his friend fell down and landed on his arm. Now he couldnt move his arm at all".

I rushed home after the test and bring him to the clinic. He was then referred to the hospital. I went back to my mom's, gather some stuff including Nazran's MyKid and IELTS book (because I have three more tests the next day) and pick up my husband at our house.
We spent the night at the Emergency Room. My husband accompanied Nazran for x-ray. I was studying outside +__+  He had annular ligament tear on his left arm. Alhamdulillah no fracture.
I had sleepless nights until my IELTS test. I fell asleep four times during the test. He cried the whole night. And the day after. And the day after. Luckily my director approved my leave on Monday to take care of Nazran. 

His arm is getting better now although still painful once in a while.

Crafty Sunday : Gotham City under attack!!!!

I bring home a couple of boxes from my colleague, Mr. Ravi's Deepavali hamper. I know exactly what to do with that beautiful boxes.
Crafty crafty..
Guess what they were making?
Gotham City under attack!!
I asked the kids to look for a small cars as a prop for the photoshoot. Nazreen only manage to find a fire rescue truck and Nazran came back with a Batmobile. Nabil came back with a few cars and trucks but they are out of proportion.
Their finds made the project more interesting because we have to stage it as if the Gotham City (to relate to the Batmobile) is under attack (building on fire - to justify the presence of the fire rescue truck). Nazran took out his Captain America and Wolverine to do the fire-fighting work. Nabil still have the leftover string from the paper cup rabbit project, for the firemen's hose.
I REALLLLLY love the outcome of this project!!!!

Working @ home

The best part when you do your work at home is... you can choose where you want to do it.
I chose the Dining Area.
When I needed a break, I made myself a hot chocolate and bake myself an apple crumble :)
And I keep wondering why I dont lose any weight.

Baby Nazmi's favourite spot

A Trip to the National Library

My husband went to Fraser's Hill on weekend and Baby Nazmi had a fever. I sent and fetched my other three sons at two different tuition classes with this boy...
I bought them lunch on the go then we went straight to the National Library. I have planned to bring them there since baby Nazmi was born. You know, during your maternity leave, you will tend to register your kid's everything - from the back account, insurance, education plan, including National Library membership.

The kids' library is so different now. 
We sat at a corner so baby Nazmi could lie down and drink his milk. Kids were having fun picking up books from the bookshelves and returning it to the trolley.

Nabil registered for a session in Hypermedia room. They provide educational games for kids above 9 years old. After Nabil's session ended, they watched Upin and Ipin together in the room next to Hypermedia's.
Then they played some games online and watch educational videos. 
You just need to register on the spot and show your ID or your kid's MyKid to borrow the book from the library. 

Friday, October 24, 2014


I have a lot to be thankful for.

I just witnessed a particular case that proved people do not have to be pretty, slender, married to a handsome and rich husband and have a beautiful house to be happy.

Live in moderation. You will have a lot of reasons to be happy.

I also have came across a situation which remind me about the concept of respect.

You need to draw a line somewhere. Respect other people's view and other people will respect you in return. When people gave you advise, say thank you. Do not become too defensive. Just say thank you.

Do not sweat over small stuff.

Rule number one in life: Do not talk behind people's back

I got to thank my husband for making me realised that it is UNNECESSARY. THAT FEAR OR PARANOIA when you talked to Miss K about B behind her back and the possibility of Miss K told B you bad mouthed her when they have lunch together, or suddenly B behave differently (for other reason - maybe her child is sick that day) but you started thinking she knew all bad stories bad mouthed by you - and you started to hate Miss K for not being trustworthy although she didnt do that, IS NON-EXISTENCE.

Try it.
It is not that hard.
It is really nice to live your life when you are positive.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Crafty Sunday : Paper Cup Rabbits

 By the Syazwans.
From left : Kuaci, Kobitos, Boy and Kabico.
Interesting to see different detailing there. Some rabbits have bows, one have necktie, the nerdier one have glasses on, and probably was born with blue-and-green ears, the creative one has dreadlocks tail dyed in red. Nazran said that the one in green has a flu. He sneezed so hard that his nose fell off. You dont have to worry if they ran away because they have bells hanging down their [non-existing] necks!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I applaud the effort made by my office's library.
They gathered latest publications and light reading materials including interesting novels on a trolley, and pushed it to every level of my office blocks. 

Sometimes people didnt go to the library and borrow the books because they cant find the time but now, fear not fellow colleagues, the books will come to you!
I borrowed this book (the librarian in blue is writing the due date of my book in the photo). The book is really interesting because it includes easy healthy recipes for each type of healthy fruit/vegetable/grain/meat mentioned in the book.

Please tell me... to do my work at home if this cuteness constantly climb the chair to hit the keyboard?

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Only in our house - Plarachute

Tie a string to a t-shirt plastic bag. 
Stand in front of a fan. 
Hold the string tightly. Raise it up a bit.
Turn on the fan, highest speed. 
Watch the plarachute dancing.
Kids dont need a Tab to be happy.