Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Trip to the National Library

My husband went to Fraser's Hill on weekend and Baby Nazmi had a fever. I sent and fetched my other three sons at two different tuition classes with this boy...
I bought them lunch on the go then we went straight to the National Library. I have planned to bring them there since baby Nazmi was born. You know, during your maternity leave, you will tend to register your kid's everything - from the back account, insurance, education plan, including National Library membership.

The kids' library is so different now. 
We sat at a corner so baby Nazmi could lie down and drink his milk. Kids were having fun picking up books from the bookshelves and returning it to the trolley.

Nabil registered for a session in Hypermedia room. They provide educational games for kids above 9 years old. After Nabil's session ended, they watched Upin and Ipin together in the room next to Hypermedia's.
Then they played some games online and watch educational videos. 
You just need to register on the spot and show your ID or your kid's MyKid to borrow the book from the library. 

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