Sunday, October 26, 2014

Crafty Sunday : Gotham City under attack!!!!

I bring home a couple of boxes from my colleague, Mr. Ravi's Deepavali hamper. I know exactly what to do with that beautiful boxes.
Crafty crafty..
Guess what they were making?
Gotham City under attack!!
I asked the kids to look for a small cars as a prop for the photoshoot. Nazreen only manage to find a fire rescue truck and Nazran came back with a Batmobile. Nabil came back with a few cars and trucks but they are out of proportion.
Their finds made the project more interesting because we have to stage it as if the Gotham City (to relate to the Batmobile) is under attack (building on fire - to justify the presence of the fire rescue truck). Nazran took out his Captain America and Wolverine to do the fire-fighting work. Nabil still have the leftover string from the paper cup rabbit project, for the firemen's hose.
I REALLLLLY love the outcome of this project!!!!


mye said...

aunty sukaaaa!!!!! well done boys!

Nuyu said...

tq Aunty