Friday, October 24, 2014


I have a lot to be thankful for.

I just witnessed a particular case that proved people do not have to be pretty, slender, married to a handsome and rich husband and have a beautiful house to be happy.

Live in moderation. You will have a lot of reasons to be happy.

I also have came across a situation which remind me about the concept of respect.

You need to draw a line somewhere. Respect other people's view and other people will respect you in return. When people gave you advise, say thank you. Do not become too defensive. Just say thank you.

Do not sweat over small stuff.

Rule number one in life: Do not talk behind people's back

I got to thank my husband for making me realised that it is UNNECESSARY. THAT FEAR OR PARANOIA when you talked to Miss K about B behind her back and the possibility of Miss K told B you bad mouthed her when they have lunch together, or suddenly B behave differently (for other reason - maybe her child is sick that day) but you started thinking she knew all bad stories bad mouthed by you - and you started to hate Miss K for not being trustworthy although she didnt do that, IS NON-EXISTENCE.

Try it.
It is not that hard.
It is really nice to live your life when you are positive.

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