Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Biografi Agung Rasulullah

A very good book. I bought three of these on Maulidur Rasul 1433 eve. One for my nucleus family. One for my parent. Another one for my parent-in-law. A must read.

UNICEF : 1 million children at risk in the Sahel region

Message from UNICEF

Dear Friends,

Even one child going hungry would be too many. Yet around 1 million children stand on the brink of severe acute malnutrition in the Sahel region of Africa. Please donate to help us reach them urgently.

Children in Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and the northern regions of Cameroon, Nigeria and Senegal are at risk. These eight countries make up the Sahel region. It's an area that has the unfortunate distinction of being one of the poorest regions in the world where children already face daunting odds of survival.

A health worker uses a band to measure a boy's arm in a village near Maradi to identify if he is malnourished.

Without immediate humanitarian aid an already desperate situation will only become worse. Inadequate rain, poor harvests and rising food prices have left hundreds of thousands of children vulnerable and weak. This situation is desperate and we need to
act now
to save children's lives.

UNICEF is providing nutrition supplies, as well as clean water and sanitation facilities at feeding centers but we need your support.

What your donation can do :
USD220 could buy 450 sachets of high calorie food; 3 sachets a day can be all it takes to save a malnourished child's life.
USD110 will provide 108 liters of therapeutic milk to children in need.
USD50 can purchase 1,200 high-energy biscuits to provide the nutrition children need.
You could donate any amount.

Every child's life is precious - we cannot let this emergency and these helpless children be ignored.
Please donate now.

Warm wishes,

Jana Zelenovic

Visit www.supportunicef.org for more information.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Horse Riding

Last Sunday, I accompanied Nabil doing his revision. He will sit for a test on Monday. Papa took Nazreen and Nazran out because they keep bugging Nabil. Well, I didnt exactly know where they were going.

When Papa showed me the photos, I was so jealous to see what they've been doing the whole evening...hmm... next time we go there together, ok Nabil?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This is how you wear sarong

I stayed in RH Hotel, Sibu during my recent trip. The latest 5 star hotel in Sibu. They have this inside a drawer in the hotel room. RH Hotel provides kain pelekat (for gents) and kain batik pua kumbu (for ladies) for their guests. It is cute.

2 days in Sibu dan 3 days in Shah Alam

It was hectic. After I came back from Sibu - I was not fully-recovered from asthma yet - I need to attend a workshop on innovation for 3 days in Shah Alam. I was appointed as the group leader for Innovation Policy's Strategic Plan. Another working weekend. Will blog about it later. I am tired. I hope I will still have this momentum for another 30 years in the service.

Trip to Sibu

I was not feeling well the morning that I have to fly to Sibu last week. I got asthma attack during a meeting at the office. I plan to buy some medication @ a pharmacy in KLIA but the pharmacist wasnt in. While transit in Kuching, there was also no asthma medication available at the airport pharmacy. So I just wait patiently to reach Sibu. There was a heavy downpour outside and my asthma was getting worse.
I plan to go to the nearest clinic right after I touched down in Sibu at 7.05pm but somehow I received an SMS saying that I am invited to a dinner with the Minister at 7.45pm. Well, I went for the dinner, of course. This was what I got for choosing dinner over going to the clinic :

Admittance to Emergency Room of Sibu Specialist Centre at 11.30pm. It costs me a fortune. Padan muka.

It was my first time on MasWing from Sibu to Kuching. I sat beside the propeller. Other than that, it is fine.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Family Potrait

Nabil's art teacher asked him to bring family portrait to his art class tomorrow. Since we didnt have a nice family portrait, Papa decided to do a quick photoshoot for the whole family. After 79 (yes, 79) attempts, we manage to get the best portrait, but in between, these are what we got :

Nazran goes to work

Normal day. I came to the office during my sick leave (due to asthma). There was a paranormal activity happened underneath my table....
Oh, Nazran... (you should see UNDER THE TABLE where the most damage was done)
Not to mention... the food... it is everywhere...

Pontian trip

We went to Pontian with my in-laws on Maulidur Rasul, to visit our relatives. When you see a lot of these, you know you are in Johore. I just love going on a road trip with my in-laws.
Kids were having fun, the kampung way. Crossing a parit back-and-forth on an old wood and then, we walked around a nearby oil palm plantation.
Then we spent our night at my SIL's in Seremban. She prepared delicious meals and my husband, as usual, having fun with the kids, while exploring his new photography skill. I dont know, I just found it a bit disturbing.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Taekwondo, at last

Last time I wrote about silat (here).
After spending a few months looking for a suitable guru silat for my kids, I changed my mind. I just let them joined taekwondo training every Saturday morning. We happened to know a very flexible taekwondo master, who is also the founder of a very active taekwondo club in KL.

This in Nabil on his first training. He didnt get his uniform yet. He was busy making friends.
Nazreen was so interested in taekwondo. I can tell. He really enjoy the briefing by the master (I've highlighted Nabil and Nazreen - for those who didnt know them)
This is Nabil on his 2nd week of taekwondo training. Nazreen (in his sleepwear) followed me to watch Nabil in action but he ended up in the training. I saw his talent (minus the lack of balance) so I immediately enrol him into the club. He joined the briefing for tournament afterward.
These are my sons during taekwondo intensive training for sparring tournament. I skip the intensive class once in a while because it is held on Wednesday nights. The kids will be so worn out by the time they finished training at 9.30pm or 10pm. They need to wake up early for school the next day. I dont know.. maybe I pushed them a bit too much?

Nabil's First Day

Primary school orientation session.
Tip #1 : They will usually choose the largest trolley bag. JUST BUY IT.
He attended preschool at this school last year, so he is already familiar with everything - canteen, bookshop, restroom.

First day of religious class. With Sarah. My niece. She is 2 months older than Nabil.
Just like any other parents in Malaysia, we are also struggling with 3 different bags for Nabil. Different books everyday.
(1) Primary school, 7.30am - 1.30pm
(2) Religious class, 2.45pm - 5.15pm
(3) Reading class, 8.00pm - 9.00pm

Being a seven years old is tiring, I know.


I've attended ASEAN - Japan Seminar on Environment Improvement in Transportation Sector early this month. I love the tag. And I looooove the thumbdrives from Narita Airport. All three of them. Bought a few cool Japanese gadgets on the way back too.