Friday, January 30, 2015

TOT : Dice game

In one of the games in TOT, we need to be in a group of two and produce a dice from a sheet of mahjong paper, in 10 minutes.

Then, we went to the field and play a sort of snake-and-ladder game, using our dice.

It is a quite simple paper engineering task. Our dice (left) came out nearly perfect and easy to roll. Some dices from other groups were cuboid so it is nearly impossible to get the number on the smaller surfaces.

Thank you to my teammate, Zaki for keeping up with my bossiness. lol.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

TOT : Motto & Logo

I attended a Training of Trainer for Professional Facilitator last week. We went through one psychological assessment after another, ice breaking games, energisers and more than 20 group exercises conducted by all participants. We were trained/assessed by a psychological officer from my office, assisted by two psychological officers from the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM). 

It was fun and full of surprises.
The first assignment - AS USUAL IN ANY TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITY- was to form a group, choose a motto and design an emblem/logo. This is the quick sketch.
This is our group struggling with crayons.
The end product is really neat. I give my group 10 stars.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Yellow tape & Marker pen

We just finished packing clothes for flood victims (well, this was 6 weeks ago). I put away the yellow tape and the marker pen I use for labeling. He found it anyway. And I continue labeling.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I just told my husband that I am entering Alice’s mode starting this week. He knew how annoying it is. lol.

If you have watched Alice Cullen in Twillight, then you know the “mode” I am referring to. There are scenes where Alice suddenly went stiff and her eyes widened when she had a vision / premonition of the future. It usually took a while until she surfaced from the vision.

I was appointed to be the lead for decoration team for my office’s annual dinner (not again!). The whole thing – the concept, deco ideas, and construction will usually come through my mind, sometimes at will but most of the time, I couldn't control them. Just as Alice Cullen's. It happened so sudden. I don’t know what happened around me during that period. I think I didnt hear anything either.

I will see flashes of designs and construction possibilities using every kind of materials and methods, possible failure, possible connections to the tiniest detail (type of joints, screw). It happened frequently when I involved in paper engineering work, fortunately, NOT this time around.

Please bear with me, all. Only one week plus.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Third day of school - 2015


Wholemeal bread slice (cut into 6 bite-size pieces), thin layer of butter, tomato, cheese sausage and sliced cheddar to hold everything together. Bake for 10 minutes.
I cut the bread, spread the butter and cut the cheese the night before.

Food Panda

My first time ordering food from the panda.

The process is simple. I ordered sushi online during a meeting which I supposed will stretches until lunch time, pay using my credit card and after the meeting (exactly 60 minutes after I placed my order - as stated in the website), a man called my hand phone. He is already standing at my office lobby with my sushi. 


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Second day of school - 2015


I know it is unhealthy to give them processed food and sugary cereal. Over the weekend, I will prepare homemade chicken nugget, beef sausages and homemade everything. Just like the old (pregnant) days where I was sooooo efficient and rajin with brilliant ideas of what to bake EVERY SINGLE MORNING.  

Yes, b.a.k.e. because the baby (Nazmi) wanted something fresh every morning :)

First day of school - 2015

Nazran's first day in Standard One.
Nazreen's in Standard Two.
Nabil's in Standard Four.
Our's with three kids in school.

It was a breeze on the first day. Alhamdulillah.
They solat and had a breakfast together.

Book wrapping - half way

Book wrapping Sunday.
These are half of the books. For three kids. Two schools.
They have not received the other half - Nabil's activity books for primary school, everyone's activity books for sekolah agama and Nazran's textbook for primary school. Around 50 pieces more.
The yellow containers are the kids' organiser containers for flash cards, pool-related stuff, art supplies, head accessories, wires, sewing supplies. The kids also have one each as their keepsake box. I purposely bought the small one so it is easier for the kids to move it around.

My husband re-arranged the kids' room, took out everything, change the layout and our living room was a disaster on Sunday, with me sitting at one corner, wrapping these books. 

Baby Nazmi lost in the pile of stuff once in a while. Nabil will be the one checking Nazmi every 10 seconds. lol.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

1st ASEAN Malaysia Young Entrepreneurs Forum

I attended this forum today.
It started with Keynote Address by the SecGen of MITI and a talk by ABAC Chairman. Followed by a forum by four panels - founder/CEO/director of Sakae Holdings Ltd (think Sakae Sushi), Soft Space, Leaderonomics and Special Adviser from METI, Japan.

Afterwards, TokPa made an appearance and talk about AEC and had dialogue with the participants. He ends the session by officiating Malaysia Association of ASEAN Youth Entrepreneurs (MAAYE).

I am glad to be part of this history.
Since the participants are mostly young, we were frequently reminded to update everything on social media #malaysia2015 #asean #mymaaye. This is the first time I saw a lot of people taking photo most of the time (well, at least people around me did that) and uploaded it to social media. Of course I did that too although I found it a bit awkward.

These are what I managed to capture during the session. I tweetted it to MAAYE, to share the notes with others who couldnt make it to MECC today.

Sunday, January 4, 2015


My kids knew I am crazy about sloth despite the fact that I didnt like anything furry, especially cat.

My friend tagged me this photo in effbee. THIS IS BEYOND CUTE, I COULD CRY.
I want to meet a baby sloth. A brown-throated three-toed sloth, to be specific. The one that appear smiling all the time :)