Thursday, January 8, 2015

1st ASEAN Malaysia Young Entrepreneurs Forum

I attended this forum today.
It started with Keynote Address by the SecGen of MITI and a talk by ABAC Chairman. Followed by a forum by four panels - founder/CEO/director of Sakae Holdings Ltd (think Sakae Sushi), Soft Space, Leaderonomics and Special Adviser from METI, Japan.

Afterwards, TokPa made an appearance and talk about AEC and had dialogue with the participants. He ends the session by officiating Malaysia Association of ASEAN Youth Entrepreneurs (MAAYE).

I am glad to be part of this history.
Since the participants are mostly young, we were frequently reminded to update everything on social media #malaysia2015 #asean #mymaaye. This is the first time I saw a lot of people taking photo most of the time (well, at least people around me did that) and uploaded it to social media. Of course I did that too although I found it a bit awkward.

These are what I managed to capture during the session. I tweetted it to MAAYE, to share the notes with others who couldnt make it to MECC today.

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