Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I just told my husband that I am entering Alice’s mode starting this week. He knew how annoying it is. lol.

If you have watched Alice Cullen in Twillight, then you know the “mode” I am referring to. There are scenes where Alice suddenly went stiff and her eyes widened when she had a vision / premonition of the future. It usually took a while until she surfaced from the vision.

I was appointed to be the lead for decoration team for my office’s annual dinner (not again!). The whole thing – the concept, deco ideas, and construction will usually come through my mind, sometimes at will but most of the time, I couldn't control them. Just as Alice Cullen's. It happened so sudden. I don’t know what happened around me during that period. I think I didnt hear anything either.

I will see flashes of designs and construction possibilities using every kind of materials and methods, possible failure, possible connections to the tiniest detail (type of joints, screw). It happened frequently when I involved in paper engineering work, fortunately, NOT this time around.

Please bear with me, all. Only one week plus.


rari said...

Like tadi when we had lunch and u suddenly went silent.
It has name? Alice mode? haha.

Nurul said...

Itu tergigit cili.

kayla said...

haha Alice mode! kelakar! aku boleh imagine like all of the sudden the world froze and all these motions come into your eyes and mind!