Wednesday, January 28, 2015

TOT : Motto & Logo

I attended a Training of Trainer for Professional Facilitator last week. We went through one psychological assessment after another, ice breaking games, energisers and more than 20 group exercises conducted by all participants. We were trained/assessed by a psychological officer from my office, assisted by two psychological officers from the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM). 

It was fun and full of surprises.
The first assignment - AS USUAL IN ANY TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITY- was to form a group, choose a motto and design an emblem/logo. This is the quick sketch.
This is our group struggling with crayons.
The end product is really neat. I give my group 10 stars.


kayla said...

nice logo! of course la kan coming from u! :) nuyu, best tgk ideas2 TOT that you do, very suitable for team building. nanti buat satu entry and list kan some games/ideas for teambuilding k. boleh la nnt i refer bila nak buat dgn students :)

Nuyu said...

Alright! I can list down the games here.

I asked someone to google ideas for cool logo since we have a very limited time. We change a bit here and there so can incorporate everyone's ideas.