Thursday, April 8, 2010

beautifully-designed cushions for my pins

I just found out about Sis Mutia Azura's passion towards sewing and designers' fabrics. I heart both but I found it difficult to squeeze between career, study, family and business (trying..trying..)

We worked in the same field and she owns a Sew Retro Chic! blogshop. These are what she made me. Pin cushions. Yippie. If you like to sew, then u know how crucial it is to have pin cushions.

Nabil is into matryoshka nowadays. If the one with matryoshka gone missing, I know who's drawer to dig in! *lol*

And they have themes! Black and White Wonky Love, Bright Retro Sewing and Kawaii Japanese Matryoshka in Linen.

Her entry on these (here).