Monday, April 30, 2012


Coaches prepare Nabil and Nazreen for TKD sparring training.
I see me. In them.

Brisk walk with Nazreen

I am trying to control his BMI. One fine Saturday morning, I dragged Nazreen for a morning brisk walk and he was excited!

We jogged for 30 seconds (that was how far he could go), walked across 5 housing areas and suddenly I found myself sitting... waiting for him on the park's bench for 30 minutes.

Kid will always be a kid.

of Aerospace Components

I had a chance to visit Composites Technology Research Malaysia Sdn Bhd (CTRM). It was incorporated in 1990 with Ministry of Finance Incorporated (MOF Inc) as its principle shareholder. It is entrusted by the Government with a strategic role to develop aerospace and composites industries in Malaysia.

CTRM is a single source and the largest composites component supplier for the Airbus A320 Series Aircraft Wing, covering 20% of the wing surface. Almost 50% of the Airbus A320 aircrafts in service today, around the world, have its wing component made by CTRM. In Batu Berendam, Melaka.

I couldnt be any prouder.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Birthday Wish

My birthday is on 30th of April.
It is just around the corner. For those who didnt know what to give me, you could give me a book.

Yes, a book or two. Any book on art, design, trade, economy,  family, parenting & womanhood (no novel, pls). Cheap or second hand books (the kind you could get from eBay) are also welcome. You dont have to spend a lot for me :)

I just want more books.

or you could give me an iPad so I could read eBook.

Friday, April 20, 2012

My old laptop

I love my old laptop. Now I have no laptop.

Adelaide : The Mysterious Door

On the way from my hotel (InterContinental Adelaide) to Adelaide Convention Centre.

Current view

This is the current view outside my office window - Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

I can listen to the khutbah Jumaat clearly while doing my work in front of the PC (right now!). I like it very much.I have some sentimental values toward this mosque. I have spent around five months studying about accessibility of this mosque for my Independent Study in 2003. I know each and every space of this mosque by heart. Every Friday, after office hour, I will jog around this mosque.

Japan - HK : People @ Tokyo Shibatoufuya-ukai

Pretty waitresses at Tokyo Shibatoufuya-ukai dressed in Hakama. (well, at least I think it is a Hakama). I hope it is comfortable. She prepared the tofu beside me. I cant stop looking at her traditional attire / uniform. I hope it is comfortable.

This is how you fold a Hakama :(pic : googled)

Japan - HK : Bento @ Triton Harumi Square

Japanese enjoying their bento during lunch hour. This is a normal sight everywhere. Sangat comel.

Japan - HK : Ambiance @ Tokyo Shibatoufuya-ukai

This restaurant situated near the famour Tokyo Tower. It relive the culture of Edo and you can enjoy the exquisite tase of tofu dishes while enjoying the view of 71,000 square foot Japanese garden. You have to walk through a beautiful Japanese garden and climb a few steps before you reach the restaurant.

This was during The Hon Minister giving his speech.

Did u see any other lady in this photo? (other than the waiter) *wink*

Monday, April 16, 2012

Book Review

I’ve exchanged more than 50 emails on daily basis with my best online friends, Mye & Zura. Last week we were discussing about the relevancy of book clubs and what people do with book reviews (yes, we do discuss on serious topics). The problem is, I didnt find it interesting/relevant but I’ve joined a book club at my previous office, I also joined the book review session and I asked a lot of questions. I didnt know why I did that.

Last Friday I decided to exchange books with them since we realllllly love to buy books and most of them are just sitting on the shelves collecting dust (after we finished reading it, of course). So, I choose a few light reading materials which I think suitable for working moms.

We love to read. But when we came back from the office, we need to manage our family and the whole house. And by the time we finished our never-ending house chores, we usually worn out – physically and mentally - and the last thing we need is a heavy reading material which require a very high level of analytic thinking.

So, these are a few books I recommended to them (and to all tired mommies) :

let's go outside!

Activities for parents and their kids. It is full of new and fresh ideas. Although some of the activities you have done and already familiar with, but after reading this book, you will feel you need to do it again as soon as possible, because the book told you so ;p

I'm tired of this mess

It shares about the art of creating space and developing routine so you will not end up in a messy house.

1001 little parenting miracles

It contains 1001 *duh* advises or suggesting or recommendations on how to handle YOURSELF, your children and people around you. Some of the pointers may not be relevant to Asian's value. Well, most parenting books are like that because parenting is subjective.

(believe me, I've tried to rotate the image many times!)

Women on the Edge 4

OMG. My favourite book (comic) so far. I love graphic book.

As much as I want to show you the sneak peek of each and every book that I've just shown you, but I am afraid it will breach the stuff (I didnt know the term) that they usually printed at the first page of all books (....any part of this book shall not be reproduce...bla bla bla....) < that one.

Training Chopstick

I have training chopsticks.
I keep it handy in my handbag. I usually bring it to Japanese restaurant.

This is how the top part (the training part) looks like

This is how it looks like when the waiter send in the food. Malu ok.

Japan - HK : Food @ Tokyo Shibatoufuya-ukai

These are also an authentic Japanese meal. A dinner hosted by Clean Association of Tokyo 23 at the famous Tokyo Tofu Restaurant. I am truly confident that our colleagues from Malawakil Tokyo had done their best in guiding the organiser on halal food ingredient/preparation for Muslim.

These are what we had for dinner (from the MENU) :
Bamboo shoot and rape blossoms, sea bream sushi, vinegared mozuku seaweed and ark cram
(It is not a typo. I copied directly from the menu sheet)Deep fried Tofu coated with sweet miso sauceHot soup (Fat cod and green peas rice-cake)
Assorted sashimi
Seasonal vegetable and clam
Tofu in seasoned soy milk / Kelp soup with Tofu.
Pretty Japanese ladies prepared it on the spot.
Charcoal-grilled fish
Rice with bamboo shoot
Milk jelly with strawberry
Mt Fuji mineral water. I drank 5 bottles of this.
I sat in front of the Manager of International Cooperation Office of Tokyo 23. I am proud to complete the meal without any chopstick skill. The secret S L O W L Y.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lazy Sunday : A 3D monster

This was a Lazy Sunday project in 2009. Loooooooooong time ago. Did you notice I havent post any Lazy Sunday project lately? I am still doing Lazy Sunday projects but I just didnt have time to post it. Will do it slowly.

This is how it works : I asked my nephew to draw a couple of scary monsters on a piece of paper and I turned it into a 3D monster using some scrap fabrics and bean bag fillings. This is the one I made for Nabil. Nabil called it IKAN. I still keep IKAN until now. I couldnt find the one that I've made for Sarah (my niece).

It only took 30 minutes to finish one monster. I enjoy doing this! The kids enjoyed it too!

Tidy for five minutes....

...and it become like this afterwards. It happened everyday. At every single corner of the house.
Any mom out there experience the same situation like this?

Horse Riding : Nabil

Remember Nazreeen and Nazran went for horse riding without ME and Nabil? (this entry).

After I came back from my Japan-HK trip, the first thing I want to do is to spend time with my kids. The next day, I bring them (plus my nephew & niece - Haziq & Sarah) to the horse riding park. Everyone (including me) got to ride the horse TWICE! They were so happy. It has become our routine every weekend.
Nabil and Nazran riding the horse.
*what's with the purple jacket? I just thought it looks cool. haha

Brotherhood : Pasar malam

I hope they will be close like this forever.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

What I missed : The journey to Putrajaya

A couple of weeks before I move to the new office, I drove to work because I need to bring home a lot of stuff [and I do it slowly...]. It was a 100km driving distance everyday, but I like it very much. It is calming. The road seems endless.
AND the downside of this never-ending highway is you will tend to accomplish this :
so, be careful MEX users!

Moving In : Part 12 - Kids' Bedroom

I bought red bedspread for the kids' bed (God knows how hard it is to look for suitable colour because their room is soooooo......bold? colourful?). Read this entry to know what had actually happened (Entry 01, Entry 02).

Their bed is stackable (it could be a double decker) with a pull-out bed, but I decided to maintain it as it is because last time, when I stacked the bed, the kids jumped from the upper bed down onto the bean bag on the floor, for fun. It was so scary.
Their room is quite small, but big enough for three beds > 2 + 1 pull out.
But Nazran always opt for the floor. He likes the laminated timber flooring very much. Me too.

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