Thursday, July 21, 2016

Winter - Spring - Summer 2016

Yes, it is already summer in the UK.
I am still updating on our winter experiences. A lot of reading and writing to do right now.

Please bear with me, especially to our family members and close friends in Malaysia.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Winter 2016 : The day somebody spilled his milk on my laptop

I left my laptop in the rice container overnight so it could soak up the moisture (of course, after I wiped the milk first). Flaked and basmathi rice are capable to absorb a high percentage of moisture compared to other types of rice. I am using basmathi.

The laptop is good to go the next day.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Winter 2016 : Crispy curly kale chip

This is my favourite healthy snack. Curly kale chip.

Kale is known for its superfood properties. If you did not know how it looks like, here, meet kale.

I bought a bag of curly kale which has been cut and washed. Spread it on a baking pan (I use pizza pan), pour a bit of olive oil and bake it for 10-15 minutes.
Tadaaa! Crispy kale chip. It has a natural savoury taste to it.
You can sprinkle a bit of salt (or paprika / garlic powder / curry powder / blackpepper - be adventurous!) before you eat. It tastes wayyyy better than potato chip!

Winter 2016 : The end of Semester One, you can go home, books

I marked the day by returning all the library books. We are allowed to borrow 20 book for the whole semester (not, 4, not 8, like other libraries. TWENTY and it is for nearly 4 months). If someone else wants to borrow the same book, they just recall the book the same day and I have to return it on the next day. 

Winter 2015 : Walking around the campus after 3 vaccination jabs

In mid January 2016, I was scheduled to receive yellow fever, typhoid and Hepatitis A vaccinations for my oversea trip. I received a box of malaria tablet to be taken for 50 days. I need to take it two days prior to the trip, during and four weeks after that. The nurse has shared useful tips for the trips and she warned me on the possible side effects of the jabs.

I walk around the campus after that, enjoying the view. 
Spring is in the air. This is the only time you can see daffodils coming out from the ground. They will hibernate after 2-3 months afterwards. The bulb will remain underground until the next winter/spring. 
By the time my husband picked me from the campus, 30 minutes after that, I started to have stiff neck, headache, feel nausea and I just need to lie down. It was the side effects of the jabs that I received. Luckily I had my recent tetanus shot while I am pregnant with Nazmi. So I didnt have to take another tetanus shot or else, I will also suffer with a painful arm and swelling where the jab was given (as my classmates!) on top of the side effects I am having.

Winter 2015 : Preparing for the trip

I need to fill in a health survey for a trip abroad. Counting days..

Winter 2015 : The day our boiler needs regular servicing

It is required under the boiler insurance. Annual boiler maintenance. It is free.

Winter 2015 : Tiny Tots and Toddler Time

It is held on weekly basis at the local library. The librarians teach the tiny tots and toddlers nursery rhymes, play with musical instruments and they read story book to the kids! The parents/carers are involved too.  
It is good to mingle around with other parents and grandparents! Nazmi seems to be enjoying himself in the library, looking inside interesting graphic books (he cant read yet) and trying to communicate with other toddlers of his age.

Winter 2015 : Bread pudding and custard sauce

Since Nabil and Nazran did not eat the bread crust/edges, I made bread pudding and custard sauce on weekly basis. 

Winter 2015 : The books

...they borrowed.
Kid's book in the UK is a huge industry by itself. They have a lot of renowned kids' book writers, good books and interesting graphic. Some of the books has also been a textbook for my sons' class. This is something that I would like to venture in one day.