Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nazreen's hair - the unfortunate incident

My 2nd son - Muhammad Nazreen Syazwan.
Notice anything weird?
Nazreen and Nabil played with a pair of scissors. Nabil cut off Nazreen's hair. In front and at the side.
Then they hide the hair under the carpet, they were so afraid that I would found out about the incident. They thought I did not notice but it is SO OBVIOUS. Anyway, Nabil gave Nazreen such a nice bangs. Thumbs up for that.

We will cut Nazreen's hair short on his birthday in July because he is attending preschool next year.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Moving In : Part 13 - Our small piece of land

We have settled in my late grandma's house for nearly a year now. We didnt have a chance to clean up the small piece of land in front of our house. There are bourgainvillas, huge jackfruit tree which sheds dry leaves everyday, palm tree, some flowery plants, herbal plants, some shrubs and a lot of weeds.

We have such a friendly neighbours. Everytime we went out to sweep the floor, hang some clothes, they will came out and start the conversation. Not that we didnt like to have a chat with them, but doing work while chatting with them seems rude (at least to me). That is the major drawback for us to work on the landscape. The last two weekends, when everyone is inside, resting at 2pm in the afternoon, my husband went out and start trimming the palm tree.
After 30 minutes, when I saw no one came out, I joined my husband to sweep dry leaves in my neighbour's compound. It started small at the beginning. And when Aril - the one in black (the best neighbour - here for more) arrived with his cute ladder and started to do serious work, everybody become more hardworking. In the end, we manage to clear the piece of land in front of our house, trim the branches and sweep clean the whole area.
My part. Only small piece of land, but it took me 2 hours to clean it, pulled out weeds, screamed over some fat worms, digged out buried trashes, cans and other unidentified stuff.
In the process, there were friendly neighbours from 4 nearby houses came by and have a chat with us. Doesnt it feels great to have such friendly neighbours?????

Next project - Paint the gate. That is another pending project due to friendly neighbours. LOL! Jahatnya aku.

Hiatus, no?

I told my friends that I am going to be in a hiatus mode until July. I rather start building a nest for the nesting season in October. They didnt like the idea (the hiatus one, not the nest), so I will try to blog once in a while.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Japan - HK trip : Clean office

This is how the Japanese keep their office carpet clean. Go to work in different shoes, take it off once arrived and wear a different (uniform) footwear in the office. It promotes unity. Regardless you are the boos or a tea lady, you will be wearing the same footwear everyday. Maybe the one the boss put on today was the one the tea lady wore the whole day yesterday.

This way they will make sure they put on clean pair of socks everyday. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nut about nuts

I was bored. I took dried cranberries from my baking supplies container. Then, I added sliced almonds (leftover from chocolate chip cookies). Whenever I enter the kitchen to cook or bake something, my 3 heroes will be very excited. They will sit properly at the table and ask me to assign them to do anything. I asked them to chop some walnuts.
They keep eating the nuts and cranberries mix. Then I add some rolled oats. Yes, they are still eating it.
Melted butter, castor sugar and lotsaaaaa honey to bind the ingredients.
Bake for... I cant remember, 15 minutes? 
I cut it into squares and it is good to eat!!! 
Minus the sugar and butter, it is truly a healthy snack.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

SSR 2012

This is for my ex-collegues who are struggling right now.
I hope you guys get FIVE STARS.

WHD 2012

World Habitat Day 2012. For my ex-colleagues who are struggling right now.

This is how you watch TV

This is Nazreen's favourite spot for watching TV at Atuk's house. Although there are many empty seats, he will opt for that spot.
He usually pulled the sofa apart so there will be a gap in the middle. It is more comfortable.

This is how he looks like after 30 minutes.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Work work work

I have set my priority straight since I gave birth to Nazran, in 2008. No more workaholic wife / mom / daughter. I have become a family-oriented woman since.

Right now, I am blessed with a lot of works. A test from Allah.
Insya Allah, I will try my best to manage my time at work so I can go home early and have quality time with my family. Everyday.

Previous graphic work : Asset Management Workshop (2009)

I browsed through Habitat Blog and I came across this. Old memory.

This is my main design for folder and booklet  for World Habitat Day 2009 programme : Asset Management Workshop for Local Authorities in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Click on the image for larger version. (come, just click so you can appreciate :) It was a time consuming design).
Silhouettes sources : Google

Sunday, June 10, 2012

School break 07 : Camping

We camped in Atok's house compound. I wanted to do this long time ago because I love camping very much (here). Before we bring the kids camping for real, we just wanted to see how it goes. Two days before, they came out with a checklist - ubat nyamuk, dapur, air kosong, jaket... etc. so cute. This was when we arrived at Atok's house.

Teambuilding :)

Snack before dinner.

"Fireplace". We use it for BBQ later. They were excited to have a torchlight each. 
I love how our clothes smell like smoke. Just like the old days. The camping days.
We also put this around the camping site. This was their first time to see this.

Good night!
We planned to go for a midnight walk at 1am, but it was cancelled due to the rain.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

School break 06 : Origami

We made origami, a Japanese paper folding art. We have a few options - star, fish, rabbit and penguin. I chose rabbit and penguin because they are the easiest, although not that easy for 3yo Nazran.

I teach them about penguin and rabbit - their habitat, what they eat and showed them some videos of both. Then I asked them to prepare a photography set for their origamis.



Thursday, June 7, 2012

School break 05 : Mug chocolate cake

The kids (my 3 kids + niece + nephew) have been begging for a chocolate cake, for quite sometimes. I decided to teach them how to make mug chocolate cake in 5 minutes.

You just need 2 minutes 30 seconds to mix the ingredients and another 2 minutes 30 seconds to cook it in the microwave. YES, MICROWAVE, not oven. You can even do it in your office.

When I asked them to get a mug each, they were super-excited.
Then, they started mixing. There were cocoa powder, flour and sugar all over the place and on their face. 
Chocolate cake mixture by 3yo, 4yo, 7yo, 7yo and 8yo kids. I've added 3 spoonful of chocolate chips to each mug.
Then it goes into the microwave oven.
Cook for 2 minutes 30 seconds.
VOILA! It is good to eat. You could let it settle for a while at room temperature so the cake harden a bit. OR, you could eat it while it is hot for smoother texture.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Meet Petak

Hello! I am Petak.

This Domokun's Malay name is Petak. He is Nazran's latest craze. He brings it everywhere and even sleep with it. One day Petak went missing for 4 days. It was truly an agony to search for it in every possible corner of the house everyday and on Day 04, I found it in our refrigerator. At the back of the lowest shelf. Behind those mustard and mayonnaise jars.

Until today, no one admits putting Petak in the refrigerator.

So, we decided to put Petak here. His permanent spot for nearly 2 months now.
Right now he is down there, at my office's parking lot.