Sunday, June 10, 2012

School break 07 : Camping

We camped in Atok's house compound. I wanted to do this long time ago because I love camping very much (here). Before we bring the kids camping for real, we just wanted to see how it goes. Two days before, they came out with a checklist - ubat nyamuk, dapur, air kosong, jaket... etc. so cute. This was when we arrived at Atok's house.

Teambuilding :)

Snack before dinner.

"Fireplace". We use it for BBQ later. They were excited to have a torchlight each. 
I love how our clothes smell like smoke. Just like the old days. The camping days.
We also put this around the camping site. This was their first time to see this.

Good night!
We planned to go for a midnight walk at 1am, but it was cancelled due to the rain.


Fizah said...

so..seriously? tidur outside malam2? so challenging ni...kagum! :)

garlic & butter said...

Hi Fizah!

Thanks for dropping by.
Serious semua tidur outside. We train them to tidur outside rumah first, before we bring them into the jungle later.

Tunggu baby umur 1 tahun dulu.