Saturday, June 9, 2012

School break 06 : Origami

We made origami, a Japanese paper folding art. We have a few options - star, fish, rabbit and penguin. I chose rabbit and penguin because they are the easiest, although not that easy for 3yo Nazran.

I teach them about penguin and rabbit - their habitat, what they eat and showed them some videos of both. Then I asked them to prepare a photography set for their origamis.




mye said...

Omgggggggg aku suka origami in their habitat ni!!!!!!
Aku nak tiruuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Selama ni buat origami pastu tampal jadi card atau gantung jadi mobile je.
Uwarghhh. Sukaa!

garlic & butter said...

boleh2. why not?
cant wait to see your origami in their habitat!!!!

Fizah said...


garlic & butter said...