Wednesday, January 25, 2012


When I was in primary school, I really looooooove to roller-skate. In high school, I went to school with my BFF, Hasniza ( on rollerskate (yes, we were) and we even went to roller-skating rink on regular basis. I would love to do it once in a while with my kids so I bought Nabil a pair of roller skate (roller skate is harder to master as to compare with inline skate, but if you have mastered the art of roller-skating, you can inline-skate easily).

I dont think he is ready for it yet. After a lot of bumps and bruises, I decided to hide it.

This was what happened a couple of weeks ago, when one of them discovered the hiding spot. (Both inline skates belong to Haziq and Sarah - my nephew & niece).

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Corporate Club Annual Dinner : Bolly Nite

On 6 January 2012, Corporate Club had organised a Bollywood Night or in short BollyNite. It is our 4th annual dinner. The first one was Black & White Dinner. Second one was Retro Nite. Third one was Red Nite. Everybody is looking forward for this event every year because we have a chance to dressed to the nines.

I was (as usual) in-charged for the decoration. I will blog about it in different entry. I just want to show happy faces of BollyNite in this entry.

(International Unit photo without Nura since she went home early)

Congratulations again to International Unit since our boss won the title Maharaja of The Night (the guy with red shawl) and yours truly won the title Maharani of The Night (the one in yellow saree, of course!). Weeeee!!!!!! Annual dinner means everybody will bring back lotsa marvellous gifts!

I got a handful of it too!!!

Natural Parenting Programme

Thanks for Aini Zulfa, my dearest friend who invited me to be part of this programme. Aini is the Head of Family Development Bureau for PUSPANITA.

Me, Azilatul Adilah and Fazrin Nazmi took up one booth to sell yummylicious food. I sell chocolate moist cupcakes (with choc ganache & buttercream toppings!!) & dark chocolate pudding, Azila sells macarons and Fazrin from scrumptioussugar sells red velvet cupcakes, congo bars and buttersctoch brownies. Oh my, it was a HIT!

I love simple presentation

Azila and Fazrin arguing on whether it is caramel or peanut butter filling. They are so cute together

My husband also took up one booth to sell parenting stuff such as Dwink, Dripstik and Boon (feeding spoon).
Hot stuffs being sold by hot mom ;p

I took a day off to make sure I can focus on this programme. It was a success. Kudos all!

It has been a year - Nazreen warded

January last year, Nazreen was warded due to high fever and seizure. I was there when it happened. He fell down, head first, from the sofa. His temperature was very high so I decided to bathe him. I put him on the sofa, covered with towel and the next thing I know, he fell down from the sofa, head first. He had a seizure and when I picked him up, there was blood all over the place. Blood came out from his nose and his mouth. Lucky everybody was home that day. My sister (a doctor), her husband, my parents, my husband and my kids.

By the time my husband took him, his face was blue and he was unconscious. We took him to the hospital and he was discharged after four days. Four longest day in my life.
Discharged, at last!

When this incident took place, we were also struggling with Malam MITI (this entry).

Kampung life in Kuala Selangor

My SIL arranged a family vacation to Kuala Selangor. She rented a kampung house and bungalow by a paddy field. There were 19 of us.
I love paddy field. I woke up early and I bring Nazran for a short walk by the paddy field. And he joined papa fishing afterward.
No vehicle on the kampung road so they decided to sit and lie down on the road. Oh, sungguh kampung...

We went home afterward and I took Nabil out for a short walk. He just woke up.
After that, we went home for breakfast, only to found out Nazreen was just woke up.
Owh... I need to bring him out pulakk...
He played kite with my FIL. I am so happy to see my kids having fun, the kampung way.

Strategic Meeting @ Janda Baik

After we came back from Port Dickson (this entry), we sent our kids to my parent's and find our way to Cherengin Hills Convention & Spa Resort, Janda Baik, Pahang. The plan was, my husband went home after I checked-in, but due to the narrow road and steep hills all the way to Cherengin Hills, I asked him to stay for the night. It is too dangerous for him to drive home, alone. There is no signal for handphone, in case of emergency.

I arrived in time for discussion session on Day 02. After the discussion, me and my husband rented two bikes and we explored the kampung nearby the old way. We cycled for 20 minutes, then we turned back and enjoy the view by the river (it was more enjoying the view of my colleagues swimming in the river ;p). It was so relaxing. I forgot when was the last time I spent time with my husband, doing outdoor activities together. Only two of us.

Then we decided to cycle back to our resort. Cycling down the hill was a breeze. Effortless. BUT CYCLING UP the hill was a true challenge.
That was me and Nura showing our resort on the hill AND that was my husband

That night, we have a few team building games. We had a great time laughing at each other and at ourselves. It was fun. It worth a drive all the way from Port Dickson to Janda Baik.
We went back to KL the next day after the presentation session. Another working weekend.