Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Circumcision : Nabil & Nazreen

We arrived a bit late (one hour late, actually) at the hospital. We were not rushing, giving the kids ample time to have their breakfast and relax. They were really excited to receive a goodies bag, full of goodies - books, stationery and even cash! I am not excited. This is something that I try to avoid +_+, but it is your kids' HUGE milestone, you have to face it although you cant stand the screaming/crying.
After registration, the kids change into this cute (what do you call it?) gown(?). Alololo cutenya.
Papa playing his role comforting the kids while I just stood there motionless (ok, I snapped a few photos) listening to other kids screaming and crying +_+
I couldnt even look at the stainless steel equipment down there.... I truly understand their fear. FYI, my SIL, Dr. Shazni is the one performing the procedure. Thank you, Aunty Ani. I cant imagine the challenges you faced down there while they were struggling to get off the bed +_+

Luckily it was performed in a military hospital so we have macho military men holding my kids down.
Both in the recovery room. Relieved.
One proud father. Sleepy. Time to go home.

Roof leak

This is the time of the year :)
My sister is worried about the flood in Kuantan.
And I am worry about the roof leak.

Last week, we sent 8 huge plastic bags of wet clothes to the laundry. The roof leaked on top of our walk-in closet. 

Presents for their aunt

My kids bought some presents for my SIL's birthday.
I hope she is happy with these. She travels a lot so they got her travel-related things.

Wacana Kepiminan Perdana : PPTD Bersama YAB PM

I attended this session along with 3000 PTDs from all over Malaysia. Fun to finally meet each other after 9 and 10 years (I joined 2 batches - different batch for Unggul and DPA). Instead of having 334 batchmate, I actually have double that :)

School break : Suite memory

We went for a holiday.
I booked a room with two twin beds, online. Upon check-in, the hotel admitted that there was a mistake at their end. The room was fully-booked but they still accepted my booking.

They gave us a suite, instead. With no extra charge.
Alhamdulillah. THANK YOU. The kids have fun running around the suite.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Nazmi's another favourite spot

MyDesign : Megarafting Kufi - the process

Received a message & invitation to be part of the Gift / Souvenir Committee.
Requested to design some souvenirs.
Agreed to kufi. Hyperventilated on the possible failure - but try to design anyway. They are my sweet and wonderful friends, I just couldnt say no without even trying.

Printed grid paper from the internet.
Made this in two hours. 

Managed to finalise the kufi before going home. Phew! Didnt want to get nightmare at night. But still had a good dream on the possible design layouts and colour scheme - that is a normal dream for designers. lol.

The next day:
Beautify the kufi. Instead of linear, I designed a square one too.

Next next day:
The tumbler supplier emailed the design template.
Came out with one design using red watercolour background. The theme is red-white-black and some was suggesting red. So, instead of plain flat red, I opted for the one with texture and more character.
Posted in the WA group for crit session. They requested for more designs. So I came out with a few. And printed it so they could see the real size.
I will post the final tumbler design. I havent received the tumbler yet.

Nak bawak beg..

He wanted to carry a bag, just like everyone else. So Papa has to carry the bag like that allllllll the way to the car.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I am having a Designer's Block now

It is similar to the writer's block.

I cant come up with creative idea at all for the moment. I have a lot of creative works to be done but I couldnt even design a simple 2 inches x 3.5 inches card. I usually capable of doing that in 5 minutes. JUST IMAGINE HOW SEVERE MY BLOCK IS NOW!

Let alone designing a whole booklet packed with infographics and artworks for two programmes. Both are due today.

My last severe designer's block was back in 2006. Long time ago. I still remember, I took quite some times to recover.


Sunday, December 7, 2014

MyDesign : MegaRafting

My friends trusted me to design a kufi for the 10th Anniversary event - MegaRafting - for batch 2/2004. It wasnt easy. I designed a few and asked them to choose.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

India : Road trip

India is not a safe place for ladies. I got a lot of reminders on that. But, it is okay if you have a trusted driver to drive you around.

When I told my friends that I am planning a road trip, against all odds, with a lady companion, from Delhi to Jaipur in Rajasthan state (nearly 270km), overnight there and travel to Agra in Uttar Pradesh state the next day (another 240km) and back to Delhi (210km more), I received a lot of objections. 

There were ups and downs. but overall, it was a memorable trip. I should do this more often with my adventurous friends.