Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Circumcision : Nabil & Nazreen

We arrived a bit late (one hour late, actually) at the hospital. We were not rushing, giving the kids ample time to have their breakfast and relax. They were really excited to receive a goodies bag, full of goodies - books, stationery and even cash! I am not excited. This is something that I try to avoid +_+, but it is your kids' HUGE milestone, you have to face it although you cant stand the screaming/crying.
After registration, the kids change into this cute (what do you call it?) gown(?). Alololo cutenya.
Papa playing his role comforting the kids while I just stood there motionless (ok, I snapped a few photos) listening to other kids screaming and crying +_+
I couldnt even look at the stainless steel equipment down there.... I truly understand their fear. FYI, my SIL, Dr. Shazni is the one performing the procedure. Thank you, Aunty Ani. I cant imagine the challenges you faced down there while they were struggling to get off the bed +_+

Luckily it was performed in a military hospital so we have macho military men holding my kids down.
Both in the recovery room. Relieved.
One proud father. Sleepy. Time to go home.

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