Thursday, January 30, 2014


It has been a while. I know.
I just completed my roadshows all over Malaysia.
I need to work on 20 pending works on my table, then I am ready to blog. Again.

I know many people wanted to be my follower since I am sponsoring the prizes for organising competition at susunatursioca, so I have added follower widget.

The old version is no longer available so it leave me with only one widget - Google+ follower widget.
I know it is tedious to create a new account, etc, just to be my follower, but, you know what, if it is too difficult, you can just be a regular reader, just like you did all this while.

I dont mind at all.
And yes, you can win the competition eventho you did not follow me.
I can accept technical difficulties as the reason of not following me. Dont worry :)
Have a nice January!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Charge your car

A view of an electric car charging at my office's parking lot. Thank you for living a greener life!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Long and baggy clothes

One of the reasons why I always wear long and baggy clothes when we go out. It is Nazran's favourite hiding spot.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

GSW : The Motorcade

What is a motorcade?
(via here)
mo·tor·cade  (mtr-kd)
A procession of motor vehicles, as in a parade.

I have been contemplating for nearly 6 months whether to blog about this or not.

It is the most interesting event along MEX (Maju Expressway) every time I commuted from Gombak to my office in Putrajaya between 2011-2012 (most of the time I took 2 buses + 2 trains - here). I love watching motorcade. There were long motorcades , sometimes there were only three cars. On lucky days, I could see the Prime Minister's car and his Deputy's passing through MEX.

But you know what is more interesting than the most interesting event?

I got the chance when I was appointed as the Liaison Officer (LO) for the First Lady of Republic of Namibia in June 2013. Previous entries - here and here. I was tasked to manage the whole motorcade team. 

This is the motorcade arrangement. This is the part that scares me so I just covered the rest of the texts, leaving only my car and the police clearance riders. It is just like looking at the motorcade on the road, but in diagram - without any indication who is in which car. Normal motorcade did not have LO car, like the one I was assigned to. It only happens during international events. So, I dont think it is wrong to post this photo.
I was assigned to the first car. In between two riders. Their sirens were like a music to my ears. So loud but I love it very much. The riders truly had my respect because they controlled the [huge bike and] traffic very well, especially when we were passing through the busiest streets in Kuala Lumpur. They have worked so hard from morning to midnight. They ride in the rain. Some of them fell down because the road was slippery. But they got up and ride again, like nothing happened. It was an eye opener to me. I never knew their job is THAT tough.

My team in action. I took almost 50 photos of our motorcade in action in 5 days but these are the clear ones. The rest are blur because we moved fast.That is our prestige rider, Panjang. He will be in that position every time the First Lady got in and out of the car.
These are my great riders/teammates, resting at the airport waiting for the First Lady to depart for Namibia on the last day.

Let's do it

Dear readers, let's perform Solat Sunat Dhuha everyday.
It is so powerful.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Serigala Besar & Jahat 2013

We went there at 1.30am. The kids were so excited traveling in the middle of the night to the Big Bad Wolf. I met my best friend, Nur Azah who was my roommate in IIUM for a few years, my partner in silat since matriculation until the final year and my trusted teammate in IIUM archery team. Yes, our world revolves around each other for six years.

Since my sons keep having a trip to the restroom and I have to spend a lot of time waiting at the kid's section outside the restroom, so half of the book bought this year are theirs. I was too tired halfway. My husband done with his books in 45 minutes and the bag was full with the kids' books, so I just made a few quick rounds for MY BOOKS pulak. I manage to get only 8 books this year.
Nazreen helped me to pull the trolley bag. He made a few stops to read some books.
We went back at 4.30am and we went to work a few hours after that.

Road show : Central Region

I was one of the four speakers for a road show on the recent amendments of the Customs Prohibition Order in Construction Industry Development Board Convention Centre, KL. It was a nerve-wrecking experience since I was informed that we are expecting around 800 participants. 

I was nervous for the first 2 or 3 minutes but it turned out okay for the remaining 30 minutes. I asked someone to snap a blurry photo of mine since I want to put that photo in my blog, as a record, although [you knew that] I didnt like to put up my photo here.
As I was busy replying a few emails towards the end and happily packing my stuff, ready to go back, little did I know that I supposed to be the moderator for the final session. OH MY GOD.  I was the most junior officer that time, but Alhamdulillah, I nailed it. PhewTak baik tau buat terkejut macam tu.