Saturday, February 23, 2013

Thanks for visiting us! Part 4

Just now, my LOVELY ex-roommate, Azah or Achik, came to visit my family with her sister, Ima and her adorable 2yo nephew, Ahmad Faris. I HAVENT SEEN HER IN AGES!!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!!!

I was shocked to receive her call and I was even more surprised when she told me that she is in the neighbourhood. FIVE minutes later, she arrived!!!! Fortunately I have orange and chocolate cakes ready for visitors :) and of course, strawberry tea.

We talked and talked and talked. I missed her so much. We were room mates for a few years in IIUM so she knew me VERY WELL inside out. 

Achik met Nazmi. Practice makes perfect.
Achik trying her best to burp Nazmi after I fed him.
Achik is a camera-shy person. This was what I got when I tried to capture her lovely face. LOL. Actually when she was ready to be photographed, my camera ran out of the battery ;p
Thanks for the gifts! I love it so much!!!!! At last, a present for MOM :)

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