Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nabil, the happiest big brother

Nabil begged me to express the milk because he wanted to feed baby Nazmi. You can see the pure happiness there although I manage to get only 2 oz in a short time. I have the feeling he want to do this more often afterwards.
Then he begged me to burp baby Nazmi. Pure joy when baby Nazmi burped after a few gentle pats at the back. (Nazmi was not colour coordinated because Nabil was too busy playing and Mama was not in the mood to look for matching attire ;p la la la. I just grabbed anything on the top of the drawer)
Boy he is really excited with anything to do with babies nowadays!


RS said...

Agree, pure blissfullness!

What a wonderful and caring big brother Nabil is... He gets the most enthusiastic 2 thumbs up from me for that. d(^.^)b

Nabil has really pretty eyes, boleh pinjam? Just joking, hihi

garlic & butter said...