Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Teach them some responsibilities

This was happened when I went out with my mom - this entry.

My dad have to take care all the kids - 10yo Haziq, 8yo Nabil, 8yo Sarah and 5yo Nazran. I brought Nazreen along with me. Knowing how handful they could be, I assigned them to a specific task, just to get them excited. One person in-charge of security (no one should open the front door), one person in-charge on food (in case Nazran is hungry) and the other one is on cleanliness (clean up the mess after they play).

When we came back, I noticed there were some changes on the tasks. They have appointed Nazran to be the AJK 5 tahun AT FIRST. Then, after a while, when he couldnt stop talking (yes, he is very talkative), they appointed him to be the Ketua Membebel.
I am not sure what is the scope of work for Ketua Membebel but I know Nazran has done a very good job.

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