Sunday, January 27, 2013

Collapsible baby bath

Thank you to my mom who really insisted to go shopping with me yesterday JUST FOR THIS extremely practical baby bath. See how cool is that? We could also make it incline so the baby's head is higher than his feet - it is safer for the baby during bath time. Just press down one side and keep the other side folded. It also has an indicator if the water is too hot for the baby, the blue plug at the bottom will turn to white.
We went there against all odds since my husband was away, working and my dad was worried sick of the idea of a 9-months pregnant me, going shopping with my mom and Nazreen at a very crowded place, and who know how the traffic would be since it was a public holiday. Dads are all like that, kan? What if the baby decided to come out today? In the middle of the road? Or at the mall? Do you actually know the direction to the city? You are so stubborn, you know? And lots more. It was actually fun to hear that. I didnt get that a lot since I got married.

OK, back to the baby bath. Before, I used a hand-me-down bulky baby bath from my sister (and my dad had threw it away last year without knowing that I am expecting another baby :p). The bulky baby bath took a lot of space in the bathroom, but with this new one, we could just hang it onto the wall / at the shower head after use :) 
 I love cool baby accessories very much! 


nihadriz said...

beli kat manaaaaaa???

sila bagitau sekarang! heheheh~ pernah tengok tapi seriously tak tau mana boleh carik. keluar masuk almost every shopping mall last2 husband beli yg biasa n dapat hadiah mothercare punya. must have this or at least bagi hadiah kat expecting mommies hehe :D

garlic & butter said...

Dear,I bought it in Sogo. Level 4 kot. Brand Karibu. Ada a few cool colours. Google it.

Good luck!